In the Hospital Last Night
I haven’t made a big deal the last few days about the dizziness that I’ve been having with anyone. That and the blurred vision that’s been coming and going. But last night it was noticable to everyone. So, my neighbor called the dr, my sister came over and watched the kids, and Pato took me to the hospital to be checked.
My blood pressure was actually surprisingly low when I got there, it was 112/52. My pulse was 110. Which it had been 126 when I was at home. They did blood pressures for quite awhile, standing, sitting, laying. Standing it went up to 138/82. They came to the conclusion that it’s not my blood pressure or my racing heart that’s making me feel like I’m going to fall over, but that I’m dehydrated. So, under orders now to drink 8 – 20 oz bottles of water a day. I’m going to float away. I’ve done 66 ounces so far today, giving up coffee this morning. My head hurts.

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