2 New Halloween Incredimail Stats
I created 2 new halloween stationaries tonight for Incredimail. The tags have my name on them, but the matching stat does not. Both stats are animated. The tags are just an example of what the stat looks like. Click on each tag to download the stat.

New Tenant!
I’d like you to meet my new tenant GirlsEyeViewNU. Her blog with be at the top left all week! Check her out. It’s an enjoyable read!
I went to the walk in clinic to see the doctor yesterday because the bottom of my eye has been swollen the last few days. After what happened to my ear in May (it was huge, hospital stay, pik line for a week and a half with (IV) antibiotics, then bell’s palsey for a few more weeks) I wasn’t taking any chances. So, I went. And he didn’t tell me what he precribed me. Just told me it would be at the pharmacy. He said I had allergy conjuctivis? whatever that might be.

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