Going Slightly Stir Crazy


Project 365 Day 41 and Day 42

I didn’t get a chance to post the picture that I took last night.  Christiano just needed his mommy.  So, we’ll have 2 days in one post.


If you’ve been following my blog this week you know that Christiano and Alyce have been sick.  Here’s what’s been going on.

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Project 365 Day 40

Phew.  That was close.  I didn’t think I was going to find anything to take a picture of today that didn’t go with reviews and giveaways that I have coming up.  But, Jordan provided Project 365 Day 40 fodder.

Just Sayin’


Thought You Knew All About Me, Eh?

There Are Some Things Even A Mom….

shouldn’t have to do.  If talking about stool samples will make you sick, skip this post.  Thank God they were baby stool samples at least.