Happy Halloween


Sneaky Uses For Everyday Household Objects

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well if times are hard economically, it’s time to get creative and make the most out of what we have.

Chuck – Being Replaced

In episode 18, Sarah worries that the CIA is replacing them with Casey’s extremely efficient team, but Chuck considers himself irreplaceable with the Intersect. Have you ever felt like you were in jeopardy of being replaced? Has there ever been a time where you have been made to feel outdated? If so, how did you remedy your situation? Did it end well?

Death Is Where?

I was sitting in bed with Alyce the other day when the dogs started barking like mad.

What Is Scarier Than A Haunted House?


Money Habits formed at Age 6

For the record, I am not good with money.  I am not good at making budgets, balancing anything, saving, etc.  I’m good at being frugal and I’m good at spending.  Do those two things go together?  Probably not.  Because of this, I’ve been trying to teach my kids how to be good with money.  That just because your money is burning a hole in your pocket, that doesn’t mean you have to spend it.  That it’s important to put money in your savings account.  Each of our children have savings account and none of them are happy about putting their money in it.  I received this article and thought since I struggle with teaching my children this, that others might too.  We need all the tips we can to teach this upcoming generation about being more like our grandparents’ generation.  How to save for the future, how to have money stashed away for emergencies, such as the country is in right now (loss of jobs, the economy tanked, etc).

We Be Morbid Round Here

Remember yesterday I posted about Jordan’s school assigning Halloween costumes (after I bought one that he wanted)?  And how I wasn’t bitter at all about having to put out more money on another costume?

Expert offers tips on protecting children from cyber traps