Our Father’’s Day Fun

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I want to print out this pic of my dad and I.

We had a much needed family day at my parents’ house yesterday.  One of my brothers and his family, my sister and hers, and myself and my kids went out there for Father’s Day.  My kids were kind of sad that daddy had to work but they did get to spend a little time with him in the morning.

Nano actually said, “What is the point of celebrating Father’s Day if our father isn’t even here?”

I said he could go help grandpa celebrate Father’s Day and he was ok with that.

They had such a blast running around and playing with their cousins.  I missed my nieces Taylor, Sydney, and Jadah, who couldn’t there, but sometimes life happens, or in Sydney’s case, softball happens.

Side note:  Congratulations Sydney and team!  They are state softball champs!

See, totally valid reason for not being there.  She was off taking on the state softball championships.  So proud of that girl!

Christiano before we left, wishing I would hurry up and jump in
the shower so we could get to grandma and grandpa’s.

My oldest daughter – she does not look 10 here.  It is probably
the iPhone that makes her look like a mini teen.

My mom and I

Grandma came!  She is my dad’s mama.
I feel so lucky to be almost 40 and still have my grandma with me.

The girl cousins who were there all swinging.

Here that sound?  That is all the 17 year cicadas making their melody.  Freaky little thing.

They were all over the place. 

We started looking things up about them and it turns out cicadas are not locusts, locusts are actually grasshoppers who have released serotonin and formed a swarm, not all grasshoppers are locusts, but all locusts are a certain type of grasshopper.

Neither are cicadas katydids.

That is what my nephew was calling them.

My brother got all interested in the cicadas.

yeah, that brother – from this picture, one might think I was
the obnoxious one. 😀

He went around looking at all the cicada husks, investigating the ones that were on the ground, and next thing I know I hear my mom saying Joshua!  Joshua!  Seeing the look on her face I didn’t even have to turn around.  I said Joshua Michael, I will kill you.

He was dangling a live cicada over my hair.

If that thing would have dropped in my hair…. I would have freaked out, dancing all over, shaking my hair, screaming get it out, get it out!  😀

We decided that since at the Iowa State Fair, most food is served on a stick, that they should gather up all these cicadas and have cicadas on a stick.  Josh was willing to be the guinea pig.  (Not really.  He totally did not eat that.) 

We found these recipes.

Then we found this book: Cooking with Cicadas.

We also found out that there are 10 reasons that cicadas are good for the Earth.  That led us to looking up whether or not mosquitoes have any purpose whatsoever (they do, the lower parts of the food chain would collapse without them). 

This is what we do when you get our family together. 😀

It was so much fun!

I hope that you had a wonderful Father’s Day and have a beautiful day today!

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