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obsidian mask
Obsidian Mask by Scarlett Dawn

What It's About

The best-selling mafia series, by NYT Times bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, continues with Obsidian Mask, where stakes are raised in passion and devotion–not just guns…
Elizabeth Forter tamed the head of the Russian mafia, Daniil Kozar. Or so she thought. But the mafia has nothing on her parents–the preacher and anti-gun conspirator. The Lion Security team is thrown for a loop when Mr. and Mrs. Forter decided Key West is their next destination to save their daughter from her ‘down-slide’ into the darker side.
While Elizabeth is busy distracting her overbearing parents…her lover is watching her. Because she lied. And lying to the Russian mafia can only cause groundbreaking shenanigans. The sort of trouble Elizabeth isn’t prepared for, ultimately tying her to the gun-waving killers.
Perhaps Elizabeth and Daniil should have watched their backs, instead of each other. Two lovers can be blinded by their own wants. So what happens when the very air you breathe is poisonous? You put on a gas mask…and pray.

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This series is one of the reasons I love Scarlett Dawn so much.  She can go from writing paranormal to mafia romance and everything else in between with ease.  No matter what the genre is, I always have loved each book/series.

I have to quote Vanessa on Goodreads because she put my thoughts on every book by Scarlett Dawn into the perfect words:

“When you pick up a Scarlett Dawn book, you don’t simply read it. You dive head-first into an abyss of originality and a world one could not even fathom to dream up on their own. It doesn’t matter the genre, or even the story (although, that’s part of the allure), it’s the characters. It’s the chemistry, the conversation, the uncanny wit and drama that unfolds before your very eyes. Reading a Scarlett Dawn book is an experience, not just a pass-time.”

Obsidian Mask was no exception.  We are back in the world of Elizabeth and Daniil.  We have all of the characters we have grown to know (and begrudgingly love in some cases) plus Scarlett brings in some new characters from Elizabeth’s family.  Each new character adds their own layer of personality to the story and brings a new level of drama as we start to explore the family dynamics that Elizabeth has grown up with.  Her mother and father can stop a fierce gun toting mafia member in their tracks with a lecture that will have others in the group snickering until their gazes fall on that person.

Through Beth’s eyes we get to explore other relationships of other characters and I can’t wait to see where some of those relationships go as the series continues.

I loved watching Elizabeth’s and Daniil’s relationship grow and see where it would go throughout the story.  We had a huge surprise that I personally didn’t even think might appear in this book when I picked it up.  Speaking of that surprise, SCARLETT DAWN, how can you leave me hanging like that at the end?  I want the next book in the series like yesterday. 

Obsidian Mask had everything I expected from a book from Scarlett Dawn: amazing deep characters, a fabulous storyline full of twists and turns, drama, and hot scenes between my favorite characters.  I absolutely loved this.  5 stars from me!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

obsidian liqour 


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Scarlett Dawn is the author of the Forever Evermore new adult fantasy series, which include King Hall andKing Cave.

She lives in the Midwest, where she loves to ‘people watch’ and daydream. She adores her music loud and her fries covered in cheese.


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