New Kids On The Block Playlist

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 Yep, that’s them.

I think everyone who knows me knows I have been a Blockhead since 1989.  I even just blogged about them the other day in my Mother’s Day wish list.

Seriously.  Love my boys.

I suppose since Joey and I are both married (and not to each other) I should let go of that dream.

To the FTC (wo)Man: I am getting nothing in return for this post.  Just sharing the love.  There is an Amazon Affiliate link in it.

Anyways, with the upcoming The Package tour and the release of their new album 10, they’ve got a killer playlist for us to listen to with songs we can all definitely equate to the guys of NKOTB: Outkast, Run-D.M.C., Elton John, Sinatra, and more!

If you haven’t grabbed 10 yet, may I highly recommend it.  I can’t figure out which song is my favorite.  I love (I Like The) Remix, but I also love the slower songs and this song is awesome!


There’s something in the beat of that song that reminds me of another song, but I can’t put my finger on what song it is.  It’s not a NKOTB song, I’m not sure.  Maybe you can figure it out when you listen to it.

Find the boys of NKOTB

10 |Package Tour Tickets
Individually on Twitter

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