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nanowrimo participant

I may have disappeared for a few days again.  It wasn’t on purpose, I swear.

It started out that I was working a lot, which normally doesn’t stop me from blogging, but at the same time I was really sick.  I finally went to the doctor when I had no voice beyond a whisper.  He said there was crackling in my left lung and I was thisclose to pneumonia.  That put me on a round of Zithromax and prednisone. Slowly but surely, my voice is coming back and I am only coughing at night now.  It’s that kind of cough that, if you are a mother, has you crossing your legs tightly.

nano badges

On top of that, I had decided that I was going to do NANOWRIMO this year.  I’ve wanted to for years, but never had the courage to try, thinking I wouldn’t get it done.  Being sick has made that a little tough.  I just want to sleep.

I ended up falling behind for a few days, my dashboard over at nano told me that I would finish my novel by March 27 of 2017.  Yikes.  I’ve been pushing hard the last few days and have it back to finishing in December of this year.  If I have another day like the last two, I should be moving into being done in November.  Then I just need to keep up with writing a bit over the minimum and I could hopefully finish by November 30.

10,000 words

Last night I hit 10,000 words. Slowly but surely catching up.

I think I’m far enough along and have enough invested in my story that I feel ok sharing what I am doing.  🙂 Will I ever try to publish it?  I don’t know.  Right now I am doing it more for me.  I have all of these 3×5 floppies (yes, that many years ago) with half started books that I have never finished.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.  I don’t have a cover or anything, but I did draw a picture of my main character for my own inspiration and to use as a place holder for a cover over on the nanowrimo site.

All In Her Head

The title is actually All In Her Head, I drew this before I had settled on it.  Not the greatest copy of the image because I just took a pic with my phone instead of scanning it in.

It’s YA, though there are a couple of swear words, so maybe upper YA.  That’s probably a shock considering the books I like to read.

I thought I’d share a bit and maybe you guys can help keep me going. 🙂

Title: All In Her Head

Blurb:  (May change as I get farther into the story and thank you to my friend Caitlin for helping me fine tune it.) Willow is harassed daily by the voices in her head. At first they are innocent, small phrases that she could brush off as own thoughts, but as they progress, their direction becomes sinister. Her parents take her to a psychiatrist, concerned for her mental health. Is Willow truly mentally ill or are there outside forces pushing her to commit heinous acts? The only thing she knows for sure is it is all in her head and the voices are in control.

Excerpt – unedited – from chapter 5 

© 2016 Heather Ayala

I was jolted awake sometime later, from what I didn’t know.  I just felt there was something malignant heading towards me.  I let my eyes adjust to the low light from the stars shining through the slit between my curtains.  I looked over towards Luke, who was still laying next to me with one arm wrapped under me and the other resting over his eyes.  I was a little surprised to see my parents had let him stay in my room.  I was grateful, but it was definitely unexpected.

I turned my head to look towards the opposite side of my room and froze.  I could just make out the silhouette of a man standing over my bed.  I couldn’t make out any facial features, they were hidden under the shadow from the brim of his hat.  His hat was black leather, it wasn’t quite a cowboy hat, it was more round than the oval shape that a cattleman would wear.  It was tilted down just enough over his forehead that I couldn’t even make out his nose.  I felt this aura of evil emanating from him.  He was leaning down slowly, inching closer and closer to my face, the terror I was feeling had petrified me.  I tried desperately to move my arm, to somehow get Luke’s attention but I couldn’t even get my mouth to form his name. I felt like I would choke soon on the repulsive malicious horror pulsing around my body.  My mind was chanting, “No! No! No! Please don’t touch me! No!” over and over again, but my body would not listen.  

He bent his head down and I knew he would make contact with my flesh any moment now, softly he breathed into my face, “You will do my bidding my dark cherub.  You will do as I say and we will be one.”  His lips were coming closer and closer to mine and his tongue poked out between his teeth.  He brushed the corner of my mouth with a tongue that he flicked quickly in and out of his mouth.  

When I felt his split tongue touch my skin, I suddenly unfroze and let out a blood curling scream as I started to pound on him with my fists, I used my nails to gouge anything I could make contact with.   “Let me go!  Get off of me!  Don’t freaking touch me!” I screamed over and over.  I kept fighting for my life, not understanding why no one was coming to help me.  

Gradually I noticed hands shaking me and my name being repeated over and over again, “Willow! It’s ok.  It’s a dream, my darling.  It’s just a dream,” I heard my mother’s voice calmly say.

“Mom! Mom!  Where did he go?  He was right here.  He was going to take me, make me his dark angel,” I looked around at everyone’s faces, which I could now see clearly with my overhead light blazing down on us like the sun.  “Dad, you have to find him!  He’ll come back!  He wants to hurt me.  Please dad!” I begged my father, “Please don’t let him hurt me daddy.”  Tears were streaming down my face and my heart was racing.  My glance darted around the room, looking to every corner, every shadowy spot where he might be able to hide.  

My father came over and pulled me into his arms, “Willow, it was a dream.  There was no one in this room besides you and Luke.  I promise baby, it was a nightmare.  Nothing is going to hurt you.”

Can I just say, minus the forked tongue, that is actually a dream I had over and over for many years.  I have dealt with night terrors since I was a child and never outgrew them.

We will see where it goes from there.  I feel like this is going to have to be longer than 50,000 words.  That’s ok isn’t it?  As long as I hit the 50,000 by November 30?

If you are doing Nanowrimo, how are you coming along?

If you are on the Nano site, add me! HeatherM74 is my username.

Have a wonderful day!

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