My Supplies For Painting Rocks

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My supplies

There is my hot mess of painting supplies.  I use these for painting rocks and for my creepy babies.  I actually organize these every couple of days because I make such a mess when I’m painting.  Someone had asked about what we use in one of the groups I am in, so I snapped a pic of my supplies, mess and all.

I’ve seen lots of posts from different groups I am in wondering what supplies we use for painting rocks.  I thought I’d put together a post of what I use and what I want to buy to use.

Here’s the supplies I use –


eBoot Detail Paint Brush Set Miniature Brushes – I love these for small details, both on rocks and on my dolls that I repaint.
Xpassion 10Pieces Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Paint Brush Set – This set has some great brushes for large and medium areas and a couple that are good for smaller details.


Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint – *tip* if you live near a Walmart, you can actually get these for 50 cents each, they are a bit more on Amazon.
Craft Smart Acrylic Paint – that link is to Michael’s, I couldn’t find a good set on Amazon for a decent price.   I usually go into the store to grab these, sometimes Michael’s has sales and then you can find a coupon.  That’s the time to grab these.
Liquitex – I really like this brand for rocks, not so much for dolls, it’s thicker and covers better than some of the other brands, especially when using colors like yellow or orange.  The only thing I have noticed with this is, if you don’t use it for awhile, or as it gets older, it really starts to thicken and chunk up.

Varnish/Clear Coat –

Liquitex Professional Glazing Medium – I love this for a really shiny look. I use it on rocks that I paint only half of, on rocks that I paint as animals or faces, anything that I really want to shine.
Krylon Satin Finish Top Coat – This I use on things that I just want a little shiny, my sugar skulls are an example. *Tip* Obviously spray this outside and I sit my rocks on a NEW piece of wax paper.  Newspaper tends to leave marks on the rock where they are touching.  If you keep using the same wax paper over and over, it isn’t slick anymore and you will start losing bits of paint as it attaches to the paper.
DecoArt Americana Soft Touch Varnish – This I use on things I want to be more matte.  You can add more layers of this as each layer dries and you will have a rock that is very soft to the touch.


Delta Creative Painters Helper Crackle Medium – This I actually use on dolls to give them a cracked finish, but it could work on rocks too, if you are going for that look.  Paint the first color that you want, wait for it to dry, then paint this over it.  When this paint is tacky, but not dry, paint the second color over that.  You want to do it quickly and in one stroke per spot, you don’t want to keep painting over the same spot.  It will start to crackle as it dries.  It’s a really cool look.
Mod Podge – I use this to affix my tag on the back of rocks.  After I paint and seal them, then I put a tag on it that says “You Found Me!  Keep Or Rehide!” and then our FB group info.  Mod Podge is also what you want to use if you are using sharpies to draw on rocks.  If you go straight to the sealer, your design will run all over the place.

What I want to buy:

Beric Paint Pens – I do a lot of writing on rocks and I struggle with using a brush.  I really want to buy some paint pens to use for writing.
Fine Detail Paint Brush Set – I can never have too many brushes.  I think this is the next set I will buy.
The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver – Right now I just use dawn dish soap.  I’d really like to try this and see if it is better for my brushes.
Brush Shaper – I’d like to know if this works.  I’ve got some brushes, that no matter how gentle I am with them (especially small detail brushes) that get bent out of shape at the tip.  It makes it a little harder to get into small areas with accuracy.

I think that is pretty much all that I use and really want to try.  What are your favorite painting supplies?

Have a wonderful day!

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