My Spotify Playlists That Help Me Sleep

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my Spotify Playlists


I have a slight addiction to making Spotify playlists.  I have them for every occasion.  I recently wondered if there were playlists for sleeping.  If you’ve been following me for the last year, you know I’ve been having some health stuff going on.  Severe exhaustion is one of them.  I am always tired and can sleep 16 hours a day, but it’s not good sleep.  I constantly wake up to flip over or go to the bathroom or my legs are bothering me and I need to stretch them.  Feeling unrested all the time is getting really really old.

I found some playlists, but none of them were long enough to make it through the night so I made my own.

Both of these have more than enough songs to last through the night plus enough to have different songs all the time.  I use my SOLREPUBLIC wireless speaker attached via blue tooth to my phone, set the volume on 1 or 2 bars, and drift off to sleep.  More importantly, I typically stay asleep all night.

Or at least I do now that I signed up for the Spotify premium membership, 3 months for 99 cents.  Before that I would wake up with the ads, freaking out because I thought someone was in my room talking to me.  (Vivid imagination over here.) Now I am pretty much sleeping through the night once I get there, when I say pretty much, I still wake up to flip, but I am able to fall right back to sleep, which is new.

I thought I’d share this music for sleeping just in case anyone else has the same problems I do.  I shared this with another friend and she loves the Deep Sleep playlist.  She said she slept through the night when that was playing.

Deep Sleep

Lucid Dreaming

I’m sure I will have more playlists as I come across more music. Right now, my 3 youngest climb into my bed every night so they can listen too. I need to buy them speakers for their rooms so I can just hook it up and let it play.

Do you have a trick that helps you sleep through the night? Leave it below!

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