My New #Supernatural Bracelet

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supernatural truck

It is no surprise that I am a huge Supernatural fan and have been for a very long time.  For example, my truck in the picture above.

my new tattoo

or my newest tattoo which has the anti-possession symbol on it and the words from the colt, non timebo mala (Fear no evil).

Supernatural Bracelet

When my Facebook friend Heather of Cupcakes, Crochet, and Crafts posted a picture of a supernatural bracelet she made, I had to have one.  I begged and pleaded (or just asked nicely) and she made me one.  It arrived the other day and I squealed.  Look at Dean, he has a pie and oven mitts!  I repeat, a pie and oven mitts.  How stinking cute is he?  And Castiel and his wings, and Sam and his hair, not to mention the little bully Lucifer.  I so love this!

Thank you so much Heather for making me one.

Go give her Facebook page a like to see what else she made!

Have a wonderful day!

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  • Ellie W

    I’m a huge Supernatural addict, also. That bracelet is awesome!!

    • Heather Ayala

      Thank you! I absolutely adore it! Nice to meet another Supernatural addict! <3