My Mother’s Day Card A Few Days Late

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I know I am a few days late in sharing this, but it cracked me up.  My daughter handed me my card and said, “Mom, we got the perfect mother’s day card for you.

I opened it up and there was a unicorn farting rainbows.

I mean unless your mother’s day card can top that, mine is better than yours.

laughing crying emoji

Then she asked me if I liked massages (because my husband was going to get me one) and I said text your dad right now and tell him DO NOT get me a massage.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I would never use it.  I have a hang up about people I don’t know touching me,   I don’t like it.  The one time I did have a massage, it hurt so bad.  My skin is just to sensitive or I am too full of anxiety, it just sucked.

I failed my mother and sister, the connoisseurs  of massages.  They do love them a lot.  I just cannot relax to enjoy one.

We’ll see what he comes up with in it’s place.

How did your mother’s day go?

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