My Monsters On Halloween

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my monsters

Another Halloween has come and gone and I am again late in blogging it.  In Iowa we trick or treat the night before.  I explain this every year, but I’ll say again that it’s a tradition that we call Beggar’s Night.  Personally I like having it on the 30th so that we aren’t out walking/driving around with the people who are out partying.  I am the same way on New Year’s Eve.

I had a grim reaper, a Maddilyn Hatter, and a 50’s girl who lost half of her costume before we even left the house.

It was just my youngest 3 this year because Jordan had just had surgery on his knee.  He hasn’t actually gone around for candy in a few years, but he usually walks around with us.

kat and livvy

We took Kat’s best friend along with us.  It’s always a good time when Livvy is along.  They’ve been BFFs since preschool and hear they are now in 7th grade.  Time has flown by.

That night was the first time that I didn’t push a stroller or pull a wagon. I popped the back down on the bed of my truck and drove down the street slowly as they went house to house.  It was kind of nice not to lose my car for the first time ever on Beggar’s Night. 😀

I spend more time oohing and ahhing over the Halloween decorations out.  I took this video of my all time favorite thing I walked by.  It was so cool!

Best house so far! And we are only 3 houses in!

A video posted by Heather Ayala (@heatherm74) on

This is from that same house.

Halloween house

I wanted to jump out of my car and go take a selfie but I refrained.

Hallowe'en window

One more fun one that I loved.

me halloween

I didn’t say I refrained from taking a selfie all together.  I just didn’t take one with creepy killer guy.

How was your Halloween?

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