My Little Soccer Star

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My three youngest had games yesterday morning and it was almost more of the same.  Nano is progressing.  Instead of laying on the field and rolling around, he is standing up and slowly walking in the direction of play with a look on his face that says he would like to do bodily harm to either my husband or myself for putting him out there.  (This is the child who has begged for 2 years to play, who is finally old enough to play, who at 4 can dribble the soccer ball almost as well as his 14 year old brother, I am not forcing him to do anything.  He begged to be signed up.  He will finish the season.  I don’t care if he actually touches the ball, he is making huge progress out there – laying and rolling around the field during game play to standing up and slowly walking around is a major step for him.)  We cheered him on, he glared at us.  When he was out as a sub, he was off dribbling the ball with his sisters.  At least the rest of the team parents/coach can see I wasn’t lying.  He does know how to play…. on his terms, where he feels comfortable.  He truly will be an asset to the team if we can get him to the point where he feels comfortable around people. We started therapy/evaluation on Friday.  I really just need help helping him. 

Kat’s game, I keep hoping that things will pull together for them this season.  They normally play really well together.  They don’t always win, but they always play hard.  This season they have a new coach, some new players, and I don’t know why, but it’s a rougher season than normal.  No passing to each other, kicking the ball and stopping instead of following it after you clear it.  Frustrating to watch because we’ve watched these girls play together, some of them since they were 4, and we know what they can do.  They stuck Kat in as goalie at once point, and I was like, dude I can’t watch.  No one has worked with the girls on playing goalie this season.  As she headed towards the goal I said, Kat!  She said What?!  I said, fall on the ball.  Do not pick it up with your fingertips, cover it.  Do not come to far out.  Last season I worked with some of the girls on that team with doing all of those things.  Those girls that I taught do an ok job as goalie, but they need to practice it to reinforce so it comes naturally.  I was yelling from the sidelines at her, giving her instructions.  She’d go to take a goal kick, I’m yelling for someone else to cover the goal.  Basic things they should know already after a few seasons of having the goalie position in play.  Things got serious when daddy went to the end and started telling her what to do.  That’s Pato’s position still.

The lady next to me said, in 3 years I don’t think I have ever heard your husband speak.  Yeah, things get real when daddy starts yelling instructions.

They lost.

By a lot.

I wasn’t surprised.

The other team we played was Perry.  The whole team was Hispanic, including the coach.  I heard lots of Spanish, which means the girls were either born in Mexico or first generation born here. I am continuing on with this paragraph cautiously, my husband is Mexican, which makes my own kids Hispanic, not racist at all, I promise.  This is just flat out the truth. (I actually just ran that by my husband to make sure it didn’t sound racist to him. You have to be so careful in our politically correct day and age.) Most Mexicans (especially men) take their futbol seriously.  I have never seen any of my kids’ teams beat a team from Perry. Ever.  Not in over 10 years of being a soccer mom.  Their parents are all involved, yelling from the sidelines, coaching, excited to be there, probably practicing with their kids all the time.  Perry plays some serious soccer. 

So, Kat’s game kinda wasn’t awesome.  Though, I guess once I left to go coach Alyce’s game, Kat really picked it up as goalie and didn’t let as many goals get by her.  Yay!

My game. We were down to players which only gave us 2 subs.  That’s ok.  I don’t need to switch out the whole team every time.  We were good. 

I was a little concerned the first quarter.  We scored 1, they scored 1.  Then we held it even.

Second quarter started and my girls took off.

Alyce hasn’t scored a goal since she was 4.  That was only 1 time.

She’s almost 7 now (in December).

Alyce scored 3 goals yesterday.

I was seriously jumping up and down, high school cheerleading moments coming back, tuck jump? I might have done one.  Arm thrust up in the air like you did with a pom pom when a basket is made?  Yep, I did it.  Serious shoulder pain afterwards because I haven’t had my surgery yet and am not supposed to do that kind of stuff?  Yep.  Don’t care.  That was so exciting.

The first goal I think surprised her.  It was heading toward the goal, she was right there, and a girl from the other team touched it, it changed directions, but still was a goal. Woot!

It was like a light clicked on, she finally knew how to make a goal and she was going to do it some more.  And she did.  Two more times.

AND every single girl on my team, except one, made at least one goal yesterday.  I was so stinking proud!!!!

The one girl who didn’t make a goal, is normally one of my top scorers. She wasn’t feeling good yesterday, recovering from strep throat.  She still played as hard as she normally does. 

More less my team was absolutely amazing yesterday.

I <3 those girls.  I’ve been working with some of them since they were 4, others this is their first season with me, and they are all just awesome. They work so hard ever single game.  It’s just really neat to be involved with them like this.

Alright, I have to go get ready for church.

You have a wonderful wonderful day!

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