My Kids? Liking Each Other? I’ve Got Proof!

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Do you know what that is?  That’s a picture of all of my children playing together nicely.  Getting along.  And it lasted about 20 minutes. Don’t fall over. I couldn’t believe it either.  I had to document it with a picture.

I’d ask you if you think my kids look alike, but since nobody but Christiano is actually looking at the camera with a normal facial expression, I don’t think you can tell.  I think the girls look alike with their eyes closed, but when they open their eyes the light blue of Alyce’s and dark brown of Katiana’s is so dramatic that you (I) can’t see anything but their individual gorgeousness. 

And can I say I love Jordan’s cheek bones?

See that poor little Christiano.  Ok, he doesn’t look so sick except for the drool down his shirt.  I’m thinking the stomach issues are causing that.  We have named him Sir Explode-A-Lot.  I’m sure you can guess where that came from.  I’ll spare you the gross details.  Well, all except this one – I am really tired of changing diapers.  Poor little guy. 

Even with being sick the little guy is mastering his toddling skills.  Pato calls him the zombie.  He walks around with his little arms straight out in front of him.  When he falls on his butt he looks around for someone, waiting for the applause.  If you don’t give it to him, he’ll start yelling at you until you do, then he breaks out with his I’m the cutest thing ever grin.  He’s even gotten down the whole standing up without pulling himself up on anything skill.  He sits, puts his hands on the ground, then pops that diaper butt in the air and stands up.  I’m amazed at what he is doing at 10 months.  It’s crazy!  He just wants to keep up with the other 3 me thinks.  I just wish he’d stop trying to walk in my bedroom until I get it picked up.  It’s an obstacle course that he can’t navigate well yet.  That and he thinks he can walk on my bed.  Probably because he sees the other 2 doing flips and thinks he should join in. 

I caught him sitting in the laundry basket on top of dirty clothes yesterday so he’s getting that climbing thing down too.  He can’t figure out getting back out of the laundry basket yet, which is how I found him.  He was yelling at me that he was stuck.  This is why we shut all the doors in the house now.  If someone leaves them open he’s stuck in a laundry basket or playing in the toilet. I’m constantly yelling Pato the kids for leaving the bathroom doors open. Do you want the baby to go swimming in our toilet? Nasty.

He feels a little cooler each day, so I think he’s getting better little by little.  He’s still not acting like he feels good this morning, though he is sitting on my lap right now giving me kisses every 15 seconds.  I don’t want to catch what he has, but I can’t resist those slobbery kisses.  Plus, wouldn’t your feelings be hurt if you tried to kiss someone over and over again and they told you no.  Can’t break his little heart.

I just got Jordan and Kat on the bus.  They had a 2 hour delay today because of the ice.  Remember that picture of my kids getting along above?  That so did not carry over to this morning.  Jordan was poking Kat, Kat was kicking Jordan, it was a lovely morning.  You think with getting themselves ready for school they’d have more than enough to do, but no, they have to add annoying their siblings on their list of morning must do activities.

This made me giggle from Sam Bradley-


He’s a kick butt musician, see: 

You can follow him here.

and of course the Ricky Martin tweet today –


I wonder what Pato is going to say when he sees how many different numbers I’ve texted to donate to Haiti.  The only thing is I heard on the Today show yesterday that the funds you text through your phone won’t be available for at least 30 days.  You have to pay your cell phone provider before those phones are sent to the charity.  (Although I just read here that Sprint and Verizon have released some of the money already.  Yay them!  I donated mine through Sprint.) Though, Lord knows Haiti is going to need that help for quite awhile, so any way it is donated is needed I’m sure. (Did you know more than $27 million has been donated via cell phones so far?)

Speaking of electronics, here is a link for extended service plans.  Really glad we bought one for our Wii.  It stopped working after 8 months.  Nintendo fixed it, but I’m worried about next time.

I’m going to go lay Christiano down.  He’s crashed out in my arms and my arm is going to sleep while I’m typing.

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Have a great day!

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  • Laura

    What is with the fascination with the laundry basket?

    Ok. I do know… I used to think it was fun to put Sarah in it and gives her rides around the house. Good fun for her and good exercise for me. Except, she constantly want to be in it now. Should have thought that one through!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..I Could Be Dead Now and You Would Never Know! =-.

  • You visited my site in Dec. and I’m finally getting a chance to return the comment favor. 🙂 What a cute post! My 2yo is not yet pleased with her one year old twin sisters. I keep telling her they’ll be fun to play with someday, but right now they’re just a thorn in her side. 🙂