My Kids First Time At Adventureland

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Westside Dance Academy

I have not been to Adventureland since high school.  I used to love it.  I was huge on roller coasters, not so much on the spin your round until you puke rides.  I let my friends do those while I sat and watched.

Sadly, my kids have never been.  They have begged to go, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $47 some dollars a ticket (for most of my family members) for our local amusement park. We have 6 people in my family.  I could think of lots of other fun things to do that don’t cost that much.   I mean it was $15 back in the 90’s when I used to go.

Our dance studio had a competition get together at the park though last Tuesday and for $25 a person (Jordan didn’t want to go and Katiana had a rainy day ticket from when they had state competition there) I could justify going.

So we went.

It was so much fun.  We spent hours at both Adventureland and Adventureland Bay (the water park).  I couldn’t talk my kids onto any of the roller coasters with me, minus the underground, which I didn’t think was scary at all.


The littles started on a safe carousel near the entrance of the park.

g force

Look at Alyce’s face on the g force?  I can’t handle those rides, man.  I get sick just watching them.

Nano didn't like the rides

Christiano wasn’t a fan of any of the rides.  He was a good sport and tried, but he really didn’t like them.  He didn’t used to get dizzy (he has sensory processing disorder and is sensory seeking plus he is high functioning – autism level 2, no cognitive impairment).  They did a lot of things at occupational therapy at Childserve that should have induced dizziness, but most of them didn’t give him anything but the giggles.  They did astronaut training, which seemed to help with his sensory seeking behavior, but he definitely hates rides now.  (He used to enjoy the rides at the Iowa State Fair.)

He did LOVE the wave pool at Adventureland Bay.  He would go all the way to the deepest part with my husband and throw himself into the waves.  I was so glad he found something of the day that he enjoyed.  I didn’t get in pictures of that because I left my phone, watch, and fitbit in a locker so they wouldn’t get damaged.

If Jordan was in the top pic, I would totally use it for our Christmas card this year.  I love that picture.  Maybe I’ll photoshop his head in.  😀


My husband can’t walk past an arcade without going in.

sky lift

He didn’t want to go on the skylift, but he did ok once we got up in the air and saw we weren’t going to spin around or go upside down.


Katiana was in front of us on the skylift.


And Alyce and Pato were behind.

That was probably the most relaxing portion of the day.

avoiding spinning rides

This is me, avoiding spinny rides since 1974.

Nano asleep

And Alyce took a picture of my little guy asleep on an Amazon box on the way home.  He was worn out.

All in all, it was a blast.  Pato said he is going to buy season passes in December when they go on sale for next year.  I don’t see myself going all that often, but even if you only use them 3 times at that price they are paid for.

We’ll call this our staycation of the year. 😀

Alyce ended up going back Thursday for a birthday party and rode ALL of the roller coasters that she refused to ride with me, even the upside down ones.  I guess that proves where peer pressure will take you.  Hanging upside down on The Moster, that’s where.

Do you like going to amusement parks?

Have a wonderful day!

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  • Kathy Manning

    What a riot! You couldn’t pay me to ride those rides!