My Dogs Think They Are Fierce

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Fierce Dogs

Are your dogs like mine?  My dogs think they are big fierce dogs in  teeny tiny bodies that are losing teeth with age.  (Junie is 11 or so now and we don’t know how old Suki is but if she is younger than Junie, it’s not by much.)  For the record, big fierce looking dogs are better behaved than my little munchkins.

In the picture above they were making sure that I was safe from walkers on the ground below my balcony, by walkers, I do not mean zombies.


I have tried everything with them to train them on how to be nice to people and other dogs.  I’m really good at that Cesar Millan tsch sound.

Sometimes they listen, for 5 seconds.


When we are outside the house they are constantly on alert from any harm that might come our way.


Especially at the dog park.


And in the house.  When someone rings my doorbell they both take off for the door barking, then they will come half way up the stairs and look for me, like come on, there’s an intruder!  Let’s get ’em!  Then they tear back down the stairs and continue to bark, even after I have squeezed through the door to see who is there.  I think they are a little offended that I won’t let them out to tear someone apart.

By tear someone apart, I mean bark and bark, until the person comes too close, then Junie hides behind my legs.  She’ll look at me like mom, they’re too close, you take care of them now.  Or Suki can.

Cuz she will bite.

It won’t hurt you if you are above the age of say, 8 or so, but she will bite.

my dogs

We put this gate up at the front of our porch because we couldn’t let the dogs, especially Suki down in the yard with us when there were kids out there.  That way they could still be outside, it just protected them and the kids.

I warned all the neighbor kids, do not pet her through the slats, I will let you know if you can pet her.  All of them listened, except one who I told multiple times.  (This is why I didn’t let them on the porch unless we were outside as well.)  This girl, who was older than Alyce at the time, so probably 9, stuck her hand through the slat while I was distracted by one of my own kids on the porch and Suki nipped her.  Do you know what she did?  She reached through and HIT my dog on the nose.

That still will get me riled up.  I warn you multiple times to not touch my dog,  we build something to keep the dogs away from you and you from them, you go against my wishes, and then you hit my dog.


Do you see how big she is?

I was so mad.

I still, when we walk Suki, warn anyone that comes towards her to pet her to please not.  I’ll pick her up and let her sniff to see how she will react, but please don’t just reach for her.

Anyway, back to the point of my story, my dogs are not well behaved.  I always end up apologizing at the UPS or the USPS person about their barking.  They always say, oh, it’s fine.  Then I say no it’s not.  You wouldn’t tolerate that from a pitbull, you shouldn’t tolerate it from a small dog.

So my question is, when you’ve tried every training technique that you can find and you won’t use a bark collar, how do you teach an old rescue dog to calm down around people? and dogs?

There is one dog they are both calm around.  She is a 2 or 3 pound 15-year-old blind yorkie.   They are both so calm around her.  We pet sat my neighbor’s yorkie for a couple of weeks while she was on vacation.  My dogs were so well behaved with her.  No barking, no growling, just some innocent sniffing to check her out and some whining when they weren’t allowed in the room with her.  Was it because they know how old she is?  Or is it because her size made them feel like she wasn’t a threat to anyone in our family?

It was interesting.

Give me your tips on training stubborn dogs.  When I say stubborn, I mean it took Junie Bee 7 years to learn how to sit on command.  SEVEN YEARS.  Now she will sit but she is shaking with anticipation trying to keep her butt off the ground.

Suki knows sit, stay, and back.  She does great with those.

Tsch! not so much.

Have a wonderful day!

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