Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Gift! SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks Over The Ear Headphones #Giveaway

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SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks Over The Ear Headphones

I received a pair of these headphones to facilitate my review.
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I was so excited when my pair of SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks showed up on my doorstep.  You see, I have wanted a pair of over the ear headphones for so long.  My son has a pair that he bought that is a different brand and he has never let me touch them.  (I nicely let him touch mine one time to see what he thought between the two.)

I should probably start with my normal tech disclaimer.

I am not a techy nor do I play one on TV.  I love new toys and technology but I don’t get technical.  I explain how I use it and how I liked it, especially as it relates to being a mom. Simple enough.


Enjoy vibrant audio with these SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks MFI 1601-30 over-the-ear headphones, which feature X3 Sound Engines for powerful, high-quality sound and adjustable SonicSoft foam ear cushions that offer customized comfort.

Over-the-ear design

Along with adjustable SonicSoft foam ear cushions for comfort during extended listening sessions.

X3 Sound Engines

Provide robust bass, clear highs and accurate vocals for a balanced, immersive audio experience.

Sound isolating

So you can enjoy your music without background disruption.

Lightweight design

Along with a Slim-Fit carrying case enables simple portability.

3-button remote

Offers easy operation.

ClearTalk microphone

Allows interference-free communication.

using my Master Tracks at Leecy’s dance class
Winner will get the same pair I have.

Like I said they showed up.  I opened the box and as soon as my husband and son saw what they were they started reaching out to put their hands on them.  I immediately slapped their greedy fingers a way and said boys, this is mama’s new toy.  Don’t touch.

I put them together (super easy, slide the ear cushions on to the head band(?), plug in the wire, plug it into your phone, iPod, tablet, what have you, and hit play.

They also come with a second jack, which I assume is to plug into DJ equipment, seeing as I don’t have any DJ soundboards or what have you lying around, I didn’t need the adaptor.

My first thoughts I cannot hear my children!

Let me explain that further.  I have 4 very noisy hyper children.  There is constant noise in my house.  Constant.

Since my husband was home it was safe to lock my door, put these on my head, and zone out to music.  I could not hear my children through the music (#Winning) and I didn’t even need to turn it up more than half way.  Impressive.

Even more impressive is the fact that when I answer a call no one can tell that I am on a pair of headphones.  I can always tell when my husband has his headset on when he answers the phone, it is tinny and it echoes, and it is why I never have used a headset regularly until now.

The music sounds FABULOUS through the Master Tracks.  It is full and the tone is beautiful, the bass is great.  I adore these.  I use them every chance I get now.  Plus them in, pull up Spotify on my  phone, and then sit and listen to my favorite songs that I have starred.]

They stay on well too.  I have used these on brisk walks so far and no problem with them shifting on my head.  I would tell you how they work running, but the only time you would catch me running is if someone with nefarious purposes was chasing after me. 🙂

Want to know what the 15 year old said about these compared to his?  They are so much better.  The sound is better and he can’t hear anything but his music when he has them on.  (Which was that one time only.)  He is constantly begging me to use my Master Tracks now.  Mom! Can I use your Master Tracks?  No.  Please? No?  Come on mom! No. Go use your own headphones son, mama doesn’t share nicely. 🙂

Perfect gift for mom or dad for their days that are coming up.  These could be for the music lover, the audio book listener, the podcast player, anyone.  On top of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up we also are in graduation season!  Imagine how stoked your favorite grad would be to get a pair of these to take off to college with them?  I would have been!

Where can you grab them?  Best Buy!  Check them out here: SOL REPUBLIC – Master Tracks MFI Over-the-Ear Headphones – Gunmetal.  They also have them available for pick up now at most of the stores so if you are looking for that last minute perfect gift for mom this Sunday you can check the stores near you here.

You want to win a pair don’t you?  Let us get on with it.

You will actually win the same pair I have on above in gunmetal I believe.


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