Monster Energy Car Advert Scam

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I was all kinds of excited (not really) when I got this email yesterday.

Surely that’s legit right? Come on.  It has to be. I get emails all day long from PR reps/Ad companies wanting me to do this and that for advertising (most of the time for free cuz they are going to do something for me for free I’m sure) why wouldn’t Monster be willing to pay me $300 up front and $450/month for 3 months of “renting” my car for advertising.

(Quick FYI reminder here to those PR reps who need a reminder – I only advertise free for charities and for close friends’ small businesses. My time is as valuable as yours and I don’t work for free for everyone.)

I have even blogged about Monster and it’s amazing migraine healing properties.

Totally not unreasonable that they would reach out to me.

Then I caught that the $300 up front would be sent by courier cheque. (Even my spell check is telling me I spelled cheque wrong, it’s not digging British spellings of words that we Americans have changed. 🙂 )

courier + cheque (USA spelling of that word would be check)= bad news

I googled it.

Monster doesn’t want me.

I know.  It’s sad.

Here’s a few posts on it –

Scam Alert Monster Energy Email
Monster energy car scam is slicker than whale snot
Scamming The Scammers

Aw heck… you can just see all the posts on it via Google and find your favorite.

For reals.

It’s the Nigerian check cashing scheme all over again disguised as a Monster Energy Car Wrap thing and as the one forum poster said it’s slicker than whale snot. We’ll send you a check cheque that is bigger than what we promised you, you deposit it, and send me back the excess.

If it sounds too good to be true my friends, it is.

Have a great day!

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  • Definitely that is a Scam. Thanks for sharing this so that others will be aware of this and they would not be a victim. Let us all be careful because of many scam around the internet.