mOmma Products For Baby

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I had never heard of mOmma products before.  When I opened up the box that arrived for us, I was so excited!  You see, I’m one who likes things that look cool.  These products look so sweet!  Very innovative in design and just tons of fun!  So much fun that my 6 and 3 year old said that it wasn’t fair that Nano got to use them.

Innovation, technology, movement and colors. mOmma is a revolutionary line of baby products that encourages baby to discover their surroundings with products that are unique in shape, movement and color, thus transforming each moment of your baby’s mealtime into a moment of growth, learning and pleasure.

We got to try out these cool looking baby feeding tools –


mOmma rocking cup


mOmma Sippy Cup


mOmma soft spoon


mOmma soft fork


mOmma feeding plate


mOmma wash brush


Aren’t those fun?  Here’s my thoughts on them.

I love that they are all BPA & Phthalate FREE!  I also love the shapes, ie:  the glasses.  Not only does the round shape look cool, but it keeps them from falling over.  When you have a little one, they are constantly knocking things over and sometimes even a sippy leaks.

Christiano loves the glasses!  The handles make them easy for him to carry and he totes them all over.  (I know, I shouldn’t let him carry a glass with him every where, but go easy on me.  I have 4 kids, if keeping a sippy with him makes him happy and a little less cranky, I’ll take it!)

He also seems to love the plate.  At least he gets it out of the dishwasher when it’s in there, choosing it over the other plates.  He hands it to me and babbles and points at the fridge.  Translation: Get Me Food!

The silverware, he hasn’t really taken too yet.  We have another set that he prefers, so I probably wouldn’t invest in more sets of these.  It might be that he is a toddler vs a baby and wants to use his ones that look like ours.  They usually get thrown over the high chair tray.

I love the wash brush!  It fits in the glasses perfectly.  I’m sure a regular bottle brush would suffice, but like I said, I like fun things.

All in all, I would definitely purchase more of the glasses and plates.  He loves them.

You can purchase products here on their website or you can purchase them on Amazon, my favorite place to shop online.

Now for the fun!  mOmma is having a messiest moments photo contest! 

Little ones can sure make a big mess!  Send us a photo of your tot’s messiest mealtime moment for a chance to win a prize package of mOmma, the beloved line of Italian feeding products for infants and toddlers, for yourself and a friend (total value: $104.50).

I’ve got tons of messy baby pictures!  I’d love to win a set of the mOmma products!

You have until September 2nd to get those pictures in!

If I could enter, I’d enter this one!


Side note:  I realize he’d pulled his arm out of his car seat strap.  He sits there and pulls that buckle down until he can wiggle an arm out.  I had stopped the car to fix it when I had turned around and saw that.  That is when I took the picture. 

Side note 2:  Never give your child a dilly bar in the car.

mOmma products get a


from me for being fun for the kids (and mom) while providing a safer alternative to some of the other plastic products out there.


Thank you to Team Mom and mOmma for providing us with all of those awesome products above! 

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