Master By Julia Sykes

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Book 6 in the Impossible Series- Can be read as a standalone.
I’m not a damsel in distress. Well, if I’m being honest, I’m a kick-ass FBI agent in distress.
My sexy new partner Reed Miller is determined to protect me, and he insists on staying close. Too close. His allure frightens me almost as much as the sadistic man who is stalking me.
I’m hunting down the most heinous criminal I’ve ever encountered. The man known to us only as The Mentor abducts and tortures women. And now he’s set his sights on me…
Note: Master is part of the Impossible Series, but it can be read as a standalone story. It is directly connected to Knight and Mentor, and it is recommended that it be read after those books.

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^^ one of my most favorite series if you can’t tell ^^

The last couple of books I read from Julia were heavy heavy emotional material (that I loved).  I knew this one was going to be a little lighter on the emotions going in, which was ok.  I have loved ever last book by Julia Syke’s.  She is one of those authors whose books I buy the second they are released (if she hasn’t already sent it to me to read, which BTW, thank you for Master!!!).  Whether the book is emotionally draining or leans more to the mystery/suspense angle, I end up loving it.  If you haven’t read her books you should and I recommend started with The Impossible Trilogy then moving on down the series.

In Master, Katie and Reed are after the Mentor, the one who abducts and tortures women, the one who mentored Carl from Mentor.  Katie starts out with Dex as her partner but because Reed has experience with this case, he is brought in from New York to team up with her.

Katie reminded me a lot of Sharon (from Rogue) in her attitude to towards BDSM, curious, but sickened by her own curiosity because she equated what The Mentor did to women with the BDSM lifestyle.  With Sharon, that drove me a little crazy in the beginning, but having read her story, I understood where Katie was coming from.

As we got into the mystery of who is The Mentor, my mind was going all over the place.  I bet its him, no, I think its him, no way could it be him!!!  I got to say, I never suspected who he actually was until a few pages before it was revealed.

I only flinched a couple of times during the hot scenes between Reed and Katie (in pure Julia Syke’s style, they were incredibly hot and made me a tad uncomfortable in my own skin, why do I love that?).  I have to say when the word that is the title of the book was said, that was one of the moments when I flinched.  I understood why it was pushed, but man, that would have been so hard to be standing there in that character’s shoes as they tried to recover mentally from something that had happened.

As always, Julia’s writing had me completely engrossed, I pushed everything on my calendar aside to read this when she sent it to me, I was flipping through the pages wanting to know who done it, wanting to see how our heroine would grow in this book, wanting to get to know these characters who I had been introduced to in previous books in the series.  She brought back some of my favorite characters (like Smith and Lydia) and introduced us to new characters.  This was a one sitting book for me.  I read and read until I swiped over to the last page.

Master was just as amazing as the rest of the series, with characters I love, suspense, drama, and an understanding of the BDSM way of life that I have gotten from another.

Julia, you are amazing!

I cannot wait to read what comes next from you! <3

In 2012, Julia decided that spending her days with fictional characters was preferable to spending hours pouring over dusty tomes or slogging through mud. Once an archaeologist, she traded her trowel for copious amounts of coffee when she decided to start writing fiction. Her stories blend romance, suspense, and scorching scenes of BDSM.

After spending four years living in England, Julia returned to her Southern homeland. She has recently settled down in North Carolina and spends her time petting her cat-children, reading, and binge watching TV with her husband when not writing. You can usually find Julia in Starbucks with a venti iced caramel latte clutched in her hand.

Julia loves connecting with readers! Please feel free to contact her on facebook or through twitter. You can find out more about Julia’s current and future projects at

Julia Sykes

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