Margarita Bar At Our New Place

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Margarita Bar

I won’t lie.  I was bummed when the house we were buying fell through and we had to move into an apartment for awhile.  If I have to live in an apartment though, it might as well be one that has parties for the residents. 🙂

Last Friday we had a nacho and margarita bar.  That was so much fun!  I brought my brother and than my sister ended up meeing us at MIckey’s for supper.

Kat and I

My brother brought his kids and somehow they all decided to get into the pool when it was less than 70 degrees out.  I literally wore a sweatshirt down there because I was chilly, my kids were in bathing suits in the pool.


See, in a sweatshirt for a lot of the night.  It’s funny, coming around the winter side of the year, 60-70 degrees is shorts weather.  Coming around a 100-degree week of heat waves, it was downright chilly.


Like I said, my sister joined my brother and I at Mickey’s.  We had so much fun.  We (my sister and I) and I got up and sang Karaoke.  It was so much fun!  I doubled up on my medicine so that I could eat spinach dip without breaking out in hives.  It was just an amazingly fun night out.

We need more nights like this.

What fun have you had so far this summer?

Have a wonderful day!

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