Man Bun Monday – kinda

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I didn’t say it was a full grown man or a full grown man bun. 😀

The other night Jordan asked me to get his hair out of his eyes, so I pulled it up in a little ponytail and then flipped it through the rubber band like I do for my own buns.

Then he let me take a picture, that rarely happens so it must be celebrated and blogged…because he didn’t say I couldn’t and there aren’t that many pictures of Jordan as a teen floating around.

Ok, since you want a man to drool over, I share mine (and every other females’ favorite man bun wearer.

Brock O’Hurn on YouTube

P.S. My ballerina wants to know why his hair comes out of his bun perfect every time and her’s doesn’t.  That’s the question all bun wearers want to know my love. 🙂

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