Magic Wand – Appealing To My Need To Craft

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Magic Wand

I have been going through crafting withdrawal since we moved.  All of my paints and my babies that I paint are in storage and I have needed a artsy release.  Drawing just wasn’t doing it, not physical enough.  I needed something that was hands on and appealed to the senses.  My Etsy store is also standing empty now and I would really like to put more quirky fun things in it.

I bought myself a wood carving kit and a Dremel engraver and decided to try making wands.  I absolutely love how my first one came out, complete with copper wrapped crystal on top and crystal chips on the bottom.

I remember a time when I dreaded sanding.  My dad renovated the entire house I grew up in and part of that renovation required sanding all of the paint off of the trim.

I have never been so miserable.

Now though, it turns out that sanding is just as therapeutic to me as painting is.

Our woodworking teacher helped me making a little paperweight for the teacher I work with that I gave to her on the last day of school.

One day she told me to ask her students WWMMD? when they were with me on their own if they didn’t listen.

“What would Miss M-K do.”

So I made her this to put on her desk.  Lots of sanding to make it smooth.  It was so soft it almost felt like foam wood.


So now while I am waiting to get everything out of storage so I can start painting my babies again:

 I am going to keep on making these wands.  I think they are so beautiful.  I need to get more crystals other than clear quartz.  I absolutely love all the different types of crystals there are out there and weaving them into the wands makes the wand what it is.

Have a wonderful day!

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