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Locked Blog Tour

locked, lock·ing, locks v.tr. 1. a. To fasten the lock of. b. To shut or make secure with or as if with locks. 2. To confine or exclude by or as if by means of a lock. 3. To fix in place so that movement or escape is impossible.

Locked – A Reckless Novel

“If you leave someone at least tell them why, because what’s more painful than being abandoned; is knowing you’re not worth an explanation.” ~Unknown~

~Caydon~ My dad never wanted me. The little girl at the bus station abandoned me. I’m just a poor, tattoo artist from the wrong side of the tracks. But, Hannah…she wants me. She made me see the light. I don’t need to fight to make people see that I’m worth it. When I’m with her, everyone can see that I am someone. I’m worth something. If only Hannah would return my calls. I know she is busy at college. But, damn, I deserve a phone call. Hell, I’d even accept a text message. Nothing. I get nothing. Without her, I will be nothing.

~Reece~ My mother is an alcoholic. I can’t believe I’ve said that out loud. It’s gotten really bad. Every night is a nightmare. My mother will drink from the time she gets home from work until she passes out. She ended up getting fired from her job because she showed up drunk. Her body is failing so I decided to drop out of school to help her. It doesn’t matter anyway, it’s not like I could study in peace. I feel trapped…hopeless. I know I love her. But, there are days, I am not sure. The end is near. I know it is.

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(Locked is 99 cents at Amazon, $1.99 at B&N at time of posting.)

You know, Amazon says that this is 113 pages long.  It didn’t feel like it.  I think it is because there was so much emotion, so much of Reece and Caydon in it.  With some shorter books, you don’t feel like you get enough, like you have enough time to get to know the characters, but when I was done with this, I felt like I knew these two inside and out, what made them tick, why they acted the way they do, why they had so much angry, why they were so drawn to each other.

The beginning of the book sets the tone for this perfectly.  The two ten year olds, one saving the other, then the abandonment.  The pain that Reece had growing up, the anger Caydon had during his own childhood, plus Hannah.  Hannah is a wench.  When these two meet as adults they both have their own defense mechanisms in place to keep themselves from any more pain and I honestly didn’t know how this would end.  I hoped, but I didn’t know.

I think this is the first book I have read by Ella Col and I am really looking forward to picking up more of her work.  This was a beautiful sexy story and I am so glad I got to take part in the tour.  Thank you for my ARC!

Ella lives in New Jersey, on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. She released her debut, NA novel, SAVE, on July 16, 2013. The companion novel, Broken, was released on November 16, 2013.

In her spare time, Ella enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. She has a love for the unknown, tarot cards, red wine, and practices the Law of Attraction.  Email –

Ella Col


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