Kreepy & Kat – Say Anything #YouTube challenge

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Kreepy & Kat

There is a YouTuber named Rachel Ballinger that Katiana loves.  I actually like her too.  There are very few YouTubers that I can sit and listen to over and over again as she plays their videos OVER and OVER again. Rachel is one of those that I catch myself watching when Kat is next to me and watching one of her videos.

A couple of weeks ago, Katiana watched the Say Anything Challenge that Rachel did with her mom and she has been asking me to do it with her since.

I finally broke down and said yes.  I will let you tape up my face.  That is totally what happened since she did a lot better than I did (or as I watched it later, she was better at catching me than I was at catching her).

For your viewing pleasure – Katiana, Alyce, and me

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why you no love me

It won’t be that particular notebook, that one I painted for myself to journal in, but Kat has asked me to paint one to giveaway on our YouTube channel before I paint some to put in Haunted Hall.  It will be a composition notebook instead of a spiral bound, something that will be a little sturdier and you can use to journal or take it to school, whatever you like.   I’ll post it as soon as I have it made and she has the video recorded.  It’s coming within the next couple of days.

Let Katiana know in the comments here or in the video what challenge you want to see her make me do next.  I may or may not agree to it. 😀

Have a wonderful day!

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