Kreepy & Kat – New YouTube Channel

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Kreepy & Kat


Katiana has been asking me to start a YouTube channel with her for awhile, actually more for her than with her but she is 11 and I want to be the one uploading, moderating comments, etc.

She has been practicing and practicing, everything she does is a YouTube tutorial in real life.  No joke.

Yesterday I finally said fine, we’ll start one.  Now what are we going to name it?  She didn’t know.

I said A Mom And Her Kat?

Kat said no.

I said I like that.

Kat said no.

Kreepy and Kat?


And of course, I’m Kreepy.

You’ll find whatever videos Katiana has recorded up there and we are going to start doing mother/daughter topics of conversation.  We’re going to take topics tweens/teens and moms could be concerned about or things that just wander into our minds and talk it out, my view, her view, then you can give us your view.

It may be light and fluffy or something more serious.

She could LOVE it if you would subscribe.

youtube subscribe

She has already recorded 2 videos that I uploaded for her yesterday.

I foresee a new back to school haul video as soon as she realizes that she didn’t show her zippered binder and everything that is in it. 😀

Who are your favorite YouTubers?  I think mine is by far Marcus Butler.  Love that accent!

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