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Technically I should be on week 4, but due to a child malfunction, ok, my child didn’t actually malfunction, but both of my youngest two were sick last week, my baby was very sick with c. diff.  I couldn’t find 20 minutes in a row to put him down, even slept with him right up against me when he would sleep.  Christiano isn’t 100% yet, but I am able to put him down to play for longer periods of time.  Monday I got to do week 3 of Cardio.  I didn’t get to do week 3 of Core until Thursday so tonight I worked in week 3 of resistance when Pato got home from work. Nothing like starting your workout at 10:30 at night.  There were a couple of moments where Christiano was crawling under the “bridge my legs made during a squat, but it worked out ok.

Jordan bailed on me this week.  He wouldn’t do it last week when I couldn’t.  This week I couldn’t get him to do it to save my life.  I can’t force an almost 11 year old 150 lb kid to pick up a KettleWorX if he won’t do it.  I still have hope that he’ll rejoin me this week coming up.  Maybe I can get him going on Sunday with me doing one of the 10 minute workouts when he gets back from his dad’s.

All I know is after just 2 weeks I was starting to notice a difference in him.  His jeans that I bought him in September were getting tight, to the point I had to button them for him.  After 2 weeks doing KettleWorX , you might be able to physically notice a huge difference in him, but I could tell when I went to button his pants and he didn’t have to suck in. I made a huge deal out of it, so I’m hoping he’ll come back to doing this with me.

So, I have good news though. Last Saturday after doing KettleWorX for just 2 weeks I pulled a pair of jeans out of my closet that I have never worn.  My friend gave them to me 3 years ago (that says something about my closet and me hanging on to things doesn’t it?).  I guess I didn’t give them away because I don’t want to be this size my whole life.  I want to get back down into my size 10’s that are hiding out in the garage.  Anyways, I wear a size 16 in Old Navy sizes right?  I’m assuming in most other sizes also, because the only other brand of jeans I own are Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker.  I bought those before I got pregnant with Alyce.  They are an 18 and have been too big for quite awhile now.  I have to wear them with a belt.  Back to the story, I pull these jeans out of the closet and gaze longingly at them.  They say they are a 16, but I’ve never been able to get them all the way over my hips. Never. I say they fit like a 14 since my other clothes are all 16s that fit.  Anyways, I pulled them on, right over the hips they went.

Just about fell over in shock. I thought, I wonder how long it will be before I can button them?  Pull them together.  They buttoned……….and zipped!  I wore them all day that day.  And didn’t pass out.  They were snug, but not so snug that I was cutting off circulation to my upper half or anything like that.

I have not been so excited since I gave birth to my last child.


I now love this man.

Ok, maybe not so much when I’m in the plank position for the second set and he is telling me to go to my happy place or when I’m doing girly push ups alternating arms on the KettleBell instead of doing manly push ups like he does, but after I’ve had a cold shower and feel good about what I just did, I think that Ryan Shanahan is a genius.

Pato’s noticing more and more. Last night he came up behind me and made a comment about being able to feel my hip bones without pushing in as much.  Why thank you for pointing out how far you had to push in before darling.

I’m just waiting for the day when my upper arm doesn’t stop waving goodbye until 10 seconds after my hand has finished.

I’ll get there.  I’m determined.

I’m 35.  I want to get in shape.  It’s not going to get any easier as I get older because I have noticed, even at 35, things don’t feel as young as they did say at 25.  Your only as old as you feel right?  And I’m determined to feel 35 for a long time.

Back to week 3.  Each week Ryan pushes you a little harder.  Adds a little more skill to the moves while working in moves you already know.  I’m still working on getting my knee all the way to the ground on the curtsy.  Resistance was good tonight.  TMI I’m sure, but you know it’s a good work out when you are dripping sweat on the carpet and your husband is behind you pointing, ewwww!  I said, I don’t see you doing it.

He gives me grief then about how it doesn’t look that hard.  Why am I breathing heavy, sweating so much.  That’s the thing, it looks easy.  The moves aren’t difficult.  Well, ok, they aren’t difficult to figure out, some moves might take me some more time to work myself into, such as the curtsy one and this one on Fast Abs that KILLED me the other day.  You lay on your side, put the KettleBell on your hip then lift your hip off the ground.  Like a side plank.  I couldn’t even lift my hip off the ground.  I willed myself too.  I did.  Wasn’t happening.  Like I said, I’ll get there.  Just have to strengthen those muscles more.

I’ve got 3 more weeks to go in the 6 weeks challenge and I can tell you, I’m not stopping after the 6 weeks.  I can see changes happening.  I’m excited about it.  I enjoy it.  I actually enjoy working out.  It’s not the same thing every day.  The moves are mixed up throughout the 20 minutes and throughout the week.  I hated walking on treadmills for that very reason.  I can’t just do the same thing.  I get bored and quit.  I’ve never lasted 3 weeks doing any type of exercise program so just making it this far and saying that I like it is huge progress for me!

See Ryan, I pushed past the mental burn and now I have progress! Both physically and mentally.

I need to get another picture up of me.  I’ll have Pato take one tomorrow and add it to this post.  For now, you can check out week 1 and week 2 here.

And now, what you’ve been waiting for!  The KettleWorX giveaway!  I was going to do this last week, but I wanted to give it away with an update so here we are!

What will you win?

KettleWorX is going to be giving one of you their Essentials system PLUS a 5 LB KettleBell just like I was using.

Ok, like I am kind of still using.  I cheated today and yesterday.  I started with the 10 lb and then on the 3rd set of Core and 2nd set of Resistance I switched down to the 5 lb.  Didn’t quite make it past the burn. Thought my arms were going to turn to spaghetti and drop a KettleBell.  I’m telling you, Ryan works you good!

How do you win?  Good question!


Go over to KettleWorX and tell me something that you learned on their website. They’ve got tons of info over there.



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