Katiana’s Solo Night

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Katiana Solo
Last week or so Katiana had band solo night where they get judged on their performances.

She got a 1-, which is an improvement over last year.  I am really proud of her.  She said that on her score sheet that she was she knocked on her appearance because she forgot she needed to dress to impress.  She called me and asked me to run home and get a specific outfit which ended up not fitting.  She ran out to my car and grabbed that shrug that she has on in the video.

The advice I gave her as a clarinet player was that she should breathe from her diaphragm and lift her chin to hit and hold those high notes.

The judge said she has the making of a beautiful tone.   I love that she followed in my foot steps and is playing the clarinet, though she wanted to quit after this year.  I’ve talked her into giving it a chance for at least a semester as she moves over to the 8th and 9th grade building that I work in.  I think she is a little nervous about moving up to 8th grade band with a new teacher in a new to her building.

Next year Alyce is starting on the clarinet also.  I tried to talk her into another instrument, trumpet was one she was able to play easily too, but she wants to play the clarinet.  I just didn’t want her doing it because I played and Kat plays it.  If it is what she truly wants to do, I am 100% behind her.

Do your kids play in band?  Jordan started out in it in 5th grade playing the trombone, but he was done by the time he was in 6th grade.  I personally think Nano will be amazing in the percussion section.   I don’t know if it is part of his autism or if he would naturally do this without having autism but that child has a meticulous sense of rhythm.  When they have a concert and all of the other kids are playing their instruments on whatever beat they want, he is there nodding his head to the beat and watching his teacher waiting for his cue to come in.  I can’t wait to see what he decides to do in a few years.

Have a great day!

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