Katiana Getting Her Hip Hop On

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She is weird

The child is strange, but she is mine.

I’m all excited.  After a year and a half of just taking tech classes, Katiana decided she wanted to do a recital class.  She picked jazz and hip hop.  She is in Alyce’s concert 1 jazz class because Kat really just started and is still getting caught up with the girls in her age group (the next level up).  She is in hip hop 4 though, with dancers her age, because hip hop is a bit different than the other genres.  You don’t need to know all of the positions and different turns before you progress.  She is just jumping right in.

I was so happy when she let me go back and record their combo from the other day (she is in the purple shirt on the far right in the video).  I know she was kind of holding back because she isn’t as animated as I have seen her on stage in show choir, but I think it is because she knew I was recording.  I was just excited to see that she picked up on the choreo that first night and rocked it.

I’m just so proud of her.  She was so shy when she first joined dance and even with taking “only” tech classes, she has started really coming into her own as a performer.  She loves show choir and I see her being just as animated as Alyce is when she is on stage for competition.   It’s just awesome.

Have a wonderful day!

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