Katiana and her Birthday Pics

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This post gets me caught up on pictures, which is a good thing because I’m sure I’ll have tons of Easter pics tomorrow. 🙂

Katiana turned 7 on April 6.  We had the family birthday party that night and she had a slumber party on the Saturday after that.  My family came to that too.  We had so much food as I had planned for 10 girls but everyone had plans except for (thank goodness!) Kat’s BFFs. 


Kat and Alyce






Kat wanted fruit pizza for her birthday and cake for her slumber party.  This is the pizza.  I forgot mandarin oranges which amazes everyone, including myself because that is my favorite.


Blowing out her candles


I think I need to make some more.  That was so good!


Some of her presents – helmet and roller blades from us.  Pads from my sis and her family.  Her big presents wasn’t ready that day.  She had to wait until Saturday to get her iPod touch.  We bought it used (she’s 7, though she does take better care of her stuff than Jordan), the only thing wrong?  The screen was cracked.  Pato knows someone who fixes screens for like $40. 


She loves her roller blades!  And her helmet which means we can take the training wheels off her bike finally.


Her birthday party cake.  She picked it out.


Alyce, Kat, and her BFFs Olivia (from preschool – I love that they still love each other) and Faith (from school).  Olivia and Kat will be at the same school next year since we moved from one elementary in our district to another (there are 5 or 6 – I can’t remember).  We’ll have play dates with Faith because those 2 adore each other. 


Kat, Olivia, and Faith


And again, Olivia, Kat, and Faith.

I think we need to have another slumber party with the girls.  They were so good and had so much fun!

Have a great day!

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  • Jane Cooper

    This fruit pizza is great idea!!! i’ve got to prepare someting like this one day.

  • Shivam Garg

    Hi Heather,
    Very nice pics.She looks sweet.Besides the cake is awesome and mind blowing.

  • Jez@Birthday Present Ideas

    Nice, my little boy is coming up to his first birthday – and I’m looking forward to all the kid’s parties to come. Hard work though I expect!!

  • Melanie

    Hey Heather, nice photos. I think Katiana enjoyed her party with that delicious cake, and the fruit pizza 🙂

  • milamelendrez

    Wow..Can you tell me how to prepare the fruit pizza? I like your post!

  • Antonette

    I like your shots! It seems that you had fun.. I love your fruit pizza.. Hope to taste it! Can I have your recipe?

  • It looked like a great party, I liked the last picture best, photos of kids always look better when you get down to their level

  • You’ve got a nice little girl there. What a smile. By the way, I hope you don’t mind me getting some ideas for my little boys birthday.