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I received 3 Juno Baby DVDs for Christiano the other day (as part of my Double Birthday Bonanza)!


Way To Go, Juno!


Juno’s Rhythm Adventure (which we are watching again right now while I’m typing up the review)


Indie’s Great Teddy Bear Hunt

(On each of the DVD links you can watch a clip of Juno Baby)

These were intended for Christiano (turns 1 on Feb 23) right?  Alyce (3) and Katiana (5) are constantly putting Juno Baby in also to watch. (The Juno Baby line is actually recommended for ages 1 – 5.) They are our favorite DVDs right now.  Christiano hasn’t  shown any interest in TV before now, but he stops and watches Juno Baby throughout the DVD.  Right now he’s bouncing up and down to Juno and Indie singing.  It’s so cute!  I love that these appeal to my 3 youngest kids.  Even Jordan (11 on Feb 23) will tolerate them for a bit.  I’m not saying it’s his first choice of DVD to watch, but he doesn’t moan and groan when we pop these in like he does for Strawberry Shortcake, another favorite in our house.

Click on the video to watch it full size at You Tube, I have to make it small so it won’t mess up the front page of my blog for some reason.  Still looking for a fix to that.

Here’s a little from Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D., Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer over at Juno Baby

Juno Baby is our passion project. All of our products are based on our lifelong love of music and our belief in its power to open hearts and minds. We firmly believe that by surrounding young children with beautiful music, we can engage their minds, inspire them artistically, and nurture them emotionally.

During this journey, we have collaborated with top researchers, artists, and musicians to create an award-winning line of products. Our CDs, books, and DVDs feature a cast of lovable characters that interact with your child, along with original music composed for and performed by live orchestral musicians. We are excited to be able to share our passion with you. Welcome to our family!

And here are some of the awards Juno Baby has won!

Winner Parent’s Choice Award

Winner iParenting Media Awards

Winner Dr. Toy’s Best 100 Products and Top 10 Video List

Perfect 5 out of 5 Rating Dove Seal’s rare and highest honor

Preferred Choice Winner Creative Child Magazine

Winner Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Products

Bronze Winner Telly Awards

Mark of Excellence Toy Tips

Cool huh?

Juno Baby DVDs have been watched over and over again at our house since we got them and I don’t mind, I actually catch myself singing along.  They are fun! I haven’t found them annoying at all, unlike other DVDs, specifically ones that were huge when Jordan was a baby that drove me batty with their baby talk.  I love these.  I’ve always loved Baby Einstein DVDs right?  I love Juno Baby more because not only do they incorporate music into them, the characters are so cute and explain things to the little ones in a way they can understand.

A review of Juno Baby that explains the concept perfectly!

The simplicity, clear ideas, and interesting characters in Juno’s Wonderful Day, along with the fabulous musical score will give your baby a peaceful head start with learning basic concepts like shape, numbers and colors. Communication skills are easy to follow, words are spoken clearly at a speed babies can follow and truly learn from. A refreshing, innovative approach to early education. — Sheila Ellison, best-selling author of the “365” series of parenting books, “Courage to Love Again”, and “Courage to be a Single Mother”

Their The One For All Project is so neat too!

Integral to our success as a company is our mission to give the gift of music to young children everywhere. That’s why we launched the Juno Baby One For All Program. For every Juno Baby DVD, CD or book purchased by you, Juno Baby donates a like product to a child who otherwise cannot afford to purchase one. We believe so strongly that beautiful music enriches life that we have partnered with social service agencies and children’s organizations around the globe to help us bring beautiful, orchestral music to all children. So remember: Every time a Juno Baby song or story lights up your child’s face, because of you, it is doing the same for a child less fortunate than yours.

Our goal is to give away 1 million DVDs, CDs and books in 2010. We encourage you to continue to check in with us to see how we are all coming in achieving this goal.

Isn’t that neat?  I love it when a company gives back in some way to help others.  It shows what kind of company they truly are.

Not only does Juno Baby have DVDs, they have CDs and Clothing too!


Sing Along Juno Baby


Orchestal Music Juno Baby


Super Duper Deluxe Edition Juno Baby

(On each of the CD links, you’ll get a chance to listen to some tracks on the CDs)

I think when we get paid next I’m going to grab the Super Duper Deluxe Edition to listen to when we are in the car.  That’s how much I have enjoyed this set.  Ask me how many kids’ CDs I have in my car right now?  None.  I haven’t found any that I like enough to listen to in the car.  (That’s not saying we don’t have any kids’ CDs, they just stay in the house where the kids can listen to them.)

Check out their clothes too, they are really really cute!

They also have the Juno Baby Bundle which comes with 3 DVDs and the Super Duper Deluxe CD.

You’ll find other gift sets with different DVD/CD combos on the Juno Baby website too.

Juno Baby gets a big old


for being something that 3 of my 4 children love to watch that helps me to foster a love of music in my children.  I feel that is so important.  Music has always been my true love (well, music and Pato 🙂 )  I want it to be that way for my kids too!

You want to win one too don’t you?  I’ve got one Juno Baby DVD for my readers!  (I’m not sure which one you will get, but it will be one of the ones shown above.)


Head over to Juno Baby and tell me which which of any of their items you would love to get for a little one in your life.



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Thank you to Juno Baby for providing us with 3 Juno Baby DVDs!  We all love them!

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