Jordan’s Surgery Is Today

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Jordan Pikachu

I told him he could be anything, so he became Pikachu.

Today is Jordan’s surgery on his knee.  He has a tear in his lateral meniscus.  When we met with the orthopedic surgeon, I let Jordan make all of his decisions (with my approval).  He is 17 now, almost 18, and I figured it was time to let him have a say in his medical care.  He had the choice between surgery on his knee now, hoping that his ankle pain is related to that.  His other option was to hold off on the knee surgery and see the ankle doctor first.  Then if he needed two surgeries, they could be done at once.  He is just wanting to be out of pain, so he chose knee surgery first.  If that doesn’t take care of the ankle pain (his ankle has been messed up since the same goalie dive/save) then we will see the ankle doctor.


I find it a little ironic that the orthopedic center where his surgeon is and where he will have surgery advertises at our soccer complex. 🙂

I’m a little nervous because the surgery is happening during finals prep at school, but one of his teachers told me that we have a two week window with something like surgery to get those finals taken.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers this morning.  Hopefully this is as simple as it seems like it will be and he will be up and recovering in no time.

Have a wonderful day!

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