Jane’s Melody by Ryan Winfield

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Before I get started on my review, I have to share how I came upon Jane’s Melody in the first place. It’s a fun story that ends with me blushing because I didn’t know Ryan was so in touch with his fans. He is. If you tag, tweet, or email him, he will respond. It’s actually very cool how much he cares about what his fans think.

Picture used with permission

I came across that picture as a promoted post in my newsfeed and of course, stopped.  You would to, don’t lie. 🙂

I looked up Jane’s Melody on Amazon, read the blurb, skimmed through some reviews, saw that it had 5 stars even with a lot of reviews. (At this point Jane’s Melody has 350 reviews, 297 of them are 5 stars and 41 are 4, lots of Amazon verified purchases.)

I bought it. I had to. The reviews were raving about how wonderful this book was.

Then I went back to the original facebook post and said

This is PR at its best. Stick the hot author in front of a sign of the books, promote the post and see how many of us flock to get it. I did. kind of kidding, not about the hot author or getting the book. I have a few reviews books to finish then I get to dig I into this one. I am glad this showed up in my newsfeed.

I didn’t know he’d actually read it.  I mean, there were tons of comments on the picture already.  Who would have thought he would see my one comment amongst the others?

Hi Heather. I’m glad my PR worked. Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for picking up my book. I hope you enjoy it once you get to it and I look forward to your review. — Ryan.

Then I shared the post with his picture promoting Jane’s Melody and said he could be on his own cover. He saw that one too.


Poor Ryan.  I really hope he knows that I mean it all in fun.  I think he does. He let me borrow the picture for this post. Thank you!

On to Jane’s Melody!

Jane’s Melody

What boundaries would you cross for love?
That’s the question a grieving mother must answer when she takes in a young street musician to learn about her daughter’s death and finds herself falling for him. A touching love story that will have you equally tantalized and in tears, Jane’s Melody follows a forty-year-old woman on a romantic journey of rediscovery after years of struggling alone.

Sometimes our greatest gifts come from our greatest pain. And now Jane must decide if it’s too late for her to start over, or if true love really knows no age.
Jane’s Melody may not be suitable for younger readers due to sexual content.

This, my friends, is story telling at it’s best. Ryan is able to break your heart, rebuild it, bring you to tears, and then fill you with hope again all in a matter of a few pages.

I had tears in my eyes more than once while reading Jane’s Melody, some sad, some happy, all for our two main characters.  You could feel the emotion that was poured into this book, literally feel it coming through the pages.

With the story line, I could relate to Jane.  Some of her thoughts could have been my own at various times in my life.  I have lost someone that caused me so much pain I honestly did not want to go on. You don’t forget that pain. It eases, but you never forget it.  I also am 8 years older than my husband.  I’m 38, he’s 30.  We’ve been together for 11 years.  You can do the math.  I still wonder what we are going to look like together when I’m 50 and he’s 42, when I’m 70 and he is 62.    Every once in awhile I get those nagging doubts, what if someone younger, thinner, prettier, {insert any other adjective in there} comes a long. It’s hard being the older woman.

I have to move on to something I don’t think I’ve ever brought up in a review before.  I have read books where there is way too much description, there is more description than there is actual story, and I’ve read books where there is so little that you can’t even picture the characters.  Ryan got it perfect.  I could feel the weather, I could see the scenery, I could envision her backyard, I feel like I kind of know what it is like in parts of Washington now.

I wish I had his talent with words because I cannot adequately describe the range of emotions that go through you when you’re reading or to tell you how wonderful this book truly is.  There were moments that made me laugh, there were moments that made me cry, there were moments where I had to remember how to breathe (love scenes, HOT), and I never wanted to put it down. Right from the beginning of the book, the first page, you just jump right in and never want to leave.

On Twitter I said that Jane’s Melody is one of those books that you wish you could unread it so you can reread it again and feel all those emotions for the first time again.  It really is that powerful.

I couldn’t decide what was my favorite book I have read in 2013 so far, I have met so many excellent authors and read their books, but I have to say, Jane’s Melody is at the top now, until I read South of Bixby Bridge (his first novel), which I just picked up yesterday when I was about 70% done with Jane’s Melody.  I don’t know if it will top Jane though. 🙂 Ryan, if my list of favorite authors wasn’t in alphabetical order, you would be at the very top.  You have an amazing gift for writing and telling a story.  Thank you for sharing that with us. I cannot wait to get into the rest of your books.

Before I leave this post, I have to share that Ryan is giving away a Kindle Fire and there is also a $150 Amazon gift card up for grabs.  Run over and like his Facebook page and then check out this post for details.

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