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Well, unless you count Sesame Street and Abby Cadabby.  Alyce is watching it right now as Christiano is sleeping.

My oldest 2 returned to school today.  Can you hear all the moms in the US (and other countries?) doing a huge congo line together?  I enjoyed having them home during the day and my attempts to sleep past 7 every day during break, but I am so not going to miss the fighting. 

No one fights with Christiano, so with it just being Alyce and him, I won’t hear the battling that goes on when the other two are home.  Jordan fights with Kat, Kat fights with Alyce, they are beautiful.

I think Jordan is growing up a little.  I don’t see him fighting over the little things anymore.  Not saying he doesn’t fight.  Katiana picks at things until she makes him mad then all bets are off.  Kat’s at that age – almost 6 – where she can’t seem to get along with anyone in the family.  Everything upsets her, even I can rarely do anything right.  Come to think of it, I thought that age was 13, not 5.  If this is what she is like now, God help me when she’s a teenager and I really am the most uncool thing to walk the face of the Earth.

So much for Nano sleeping.  Pato makes more noise than anyone I know.  He just put the ironing board away and hit the door jam thingy somehow, making it go up and down, up and down, making the boing noise, then slammed the closet door, and voila, baby is up.  Thank you honey.

He does things like that. Bedroom door is shut – somehow he is able to open it with the noise of a thundergod, Christiano sleeping in bed, Pato bounces getting into it and getting comfortable like waves from a bad storm at sea.  And remember how he woke Christiano up the night I needed to wrap Christmas presents?  Literally, my husband is a bull in a china shop.  6 feet 2 inches, 230 pounds of I can’t do anything quietly. Love you but you drive me crazy when the baby is sleeping.  Mwah!

Got my Project 365 posted. It’s day 4.  I’m running out of things to take pictures of in the morning.  I may have my pictures posted later on in the coming weeks as I take my pictures while I’m out and about during the day.

Remember my post saying that Craig Ferguson needs to tweet? Turns out that he used to have a Twitter account.  He canceled it.  Wonder why?  Did he decide that tweeting wasn’t cool like Miley Cyrus did?  Who has the scoop?  I must have missed the episode where he explained it.

I’ll leave you with @Ricky_Martin‘s Inspirational Tweet Of The Day:


Me too Ricky, me too.

(You didn’t even know that was a feature did you?  Neither did I!  He’s always tweeting something inspirational, I thought I’d just go with it, cuz I <3 him.  See what happens when I find out one of my favorite people in the world tweets?)

Have a great day!

ETA – do you ever wish that you played a sport or were involved in something just for the clothes?  Ok, it hasn’t happened to me since I have grown up, BUT, when I was younger, I wanted to wear equestrian apparel so bad.  Which would have been fine except we couldn’t afford a horse and I have never been very good at horseback riding (see reason A).  I love horses though, and not just for the cool clothes the riders wear.  What were some things you would have loved to do when you were younger that you didn’t get a chance to do for whatever reason?

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  • Kristine

    My hubby is a bull in a china shop too…he tries very hard to be quiet but makes more noise in the process. Sleep is overrated for everyone but him apparently. LOL
    .-= KristineĀ“s last blog ..Hear that? =-.