It’s A Beautiful Morning!

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I’m hoping that’s the right song.  Someone unplugged my speakers for some unknown reason and I can’t hear it.

I had a completely different post planned but thought, why dwell on the negative, it’s a beautiful morning!  Someone has a new start in life in a better place with their whole family behind them. No more having to deal with any more negativity that was thrown their way on a daily basis. The sun is shining blu rays, I mean yellow rays across a beautiful blue sky!  Less stress, better life, it’s a beautiful morning!

 Jordan missed the bus again this morning, but it didn’t upset me too much.  I’m more worried that I sent him to school actually sick. After last time, when he was faking it but put on such a good show, I’m not sure whether to believe him or not.  No fever, no throwing up.  He said his throat hurt really bad and his stomach hurt.  I gave him 2 ibuprofin and took him to school.  I just sent an email off to his teacher letting her know that if he truly doesn’t feel good to let me know and I’ll come up and get him. 

On the way to school, I felt all mushy towards my kids and said, I love you so much.  I have the best kids in the world, even if they do miss the bus every day.  Wouldn’t trade you guys for anything.

Jordan said, you’d trade us for Taylor. (My 12 year old niece.)

I said, nope, love Tayor tons, but I wouldn’t trade you for her.

She cleans better.

Nope, if I had to choose between a messy house and having my kids, I’d choose you every time.

Good thing I don’t have to choose, huh Jordan?


Do you ever just have those moments when you look at your kids and your heart feels like it’s going to burst with love?  That’s the moment I was having this morning.

They may drive me crazy at times (come on, I have 4 kids, my house is all about craziness), but I love those kids more than anything.  I feel like such a lucky woman to have them in my life.  To have them in my heart. 

Sometimes I am in awe that God entrusted me with these 4 little lives.  There is no more important job than that one I have been given, to love and raise them. Everything else comes second.  They are beautiful children with beautiful hearts. 

I’ll say it again, I’m a lucky woman.

Have a great day!

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