Iowa Accent Challenge

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Made in Iowa





Iowa Accent Challenge

Katiana and I have been having this discussion about how we say crayon for a very long time.  I say she says it like I do (kind of like crown), she says she says cran.  (She only says it that way when she stops and says it slowly.)

She is also obsessed with so many youtubers and wants to make her own videos.  I swear that child will be doing something and she talks like she is doing a tutorial for a video.

We made an instagram video of us arguing over how to say crayon and that led to her looking up more challenges.

So here they are, our 3 Iowa accent challenges.  Thankfully those were the only 3 she found before she was tired of doing videos.

We have so much fun together.  I’m a lucky mama with my 4 kiddos.

Have you done an accent challenge?  Leave it in the comments!  Also,  if you say things differently than us, let me know.  I love to hear other people’s accents.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here and I’m sure you will see more of Kat’s ideas there until I decide she is old enough to start her own channel.

Have a wonderful day!

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