I Need A Hair Cut

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Bad.  7 weeks in between cuts is too long.  My cut is supposed to look like this –


She cut it shorter and choppier that time because it grew so fast.

Today, it looks like this –


Nice self portrait too huh?  🙂

Yes, that is my unruly hair when it’s too thick to do my style with.  This morning the kids (Leece and Nano) had a nurse’s visit to get the second half of their flu shots and Nano needed his Hep A shot.  They said they were out when he had his well child check.  Like you can hide anything from Heather.  The refrigerator at the clinic went out and the lost all of those immunizations.

Now they are restocked and shots have been done.

I was getting ready this morning and was getting so frustrated with my hair. It wasn’t straightening right, it wasn’t flipping on the ends right, it was doing nothing.  I ended up rewetting it down and going au natural today.  I won’t be able to get it done tomorrow, 2 soccer games, it will have to wait until next Wednesday.  I hate taking Christiano to get my hair cut.  He touches EVERYTHING.  I’ll just have to wait until Pato’s next day off.

That means I’ll just be a poof ball for soccer this weekend.


I didn’t blog yesterday.  I’m not sure why.  I wasn’t overly busy in the morning, I did have to take the kids to school because Jordan was slow again yesterday.  Time just got away from me and before I knew it was 4, the kids were getting off the bus and we were heading out to see my mom.  My dad’s back in school now, she was lonely, we’ve missed her, it worked out well.

Today I got the kids up and the same thing, Jordan was incredibly slow.  They had to hold the bus for him.  Then I had to jump in the shower, curse at my hair for awhile, get the littlest 2 ready, and headed for the doctor’s office.  After that, we ran to Wal-Mart.  Jordan needed a birthday present to take to his friend’s party tonight.  Since he LOVES BeyBlades so much, he requested those for Riley.  I grabbed 3 BeyBlades and a little toy for Christiano and Alyce and headed home.

I fib, I forgot to take my diet pills that really work – I’m not actually sure if they really work, I am down 7 lbs at least, but I forgot it in my rush and we stopped at Culver’s because I was starving. I ate a few bites of my mushroom swiss burger and was full.  It’s in the fridge now.

The little toy is a tradition after shots.  Christiano got a new Thomas The Train (not Thomas, another train, I forget who – just checked, it’s Charlie, the purple train) and Alyce got a littlest pet shop monkey.  All the way home, Christiano was running the train along his car seat arms saying, choo choo!  I didn’t even know he knew how to do that.

Now it’s time to put these 2 down for a nap, then when Jordan and Kat get home, it’ll be us off to his soccer practice, then I have to drop him off at Riley’s, then I can come home and relax finally.  Tomorrow I get to get up and go to Kat’s game at 9, Jordan’s game out of town at 1, and then another game on Sunday.  Woot woot, it’s almost October 29 – ok, not really almost, but that’s the last game of the season.

Then Jordan is signed up for indoor soccer for this winter.

It never ends.  But, it’s good for him.

Have a great day!

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  • kamoons

    I like your unruly hair! I wish mine would do that.