I Kinda Did Nothing

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I did end up going to get my hair cut yesterday.  I needed it badly.  I could not do anything even closely resembling my original cut with how thick it had gotten.  Here’s how it looked after the cut –


Yes, that’s my “I must pose in the mirror and take a cell phone pic” look.  All the cool kids do it.

So much better!  She went shorter and choppier this time because I had only gone about 7 weeks between the cuts and it was out of control.  She thinned it out a lot more. 

After looking at that picture I decided I need a darker lipstick.  I look kind of washed out without more color.  I was going for the whole eyes more made up/keep the lips neutral look.  Yeah, that doesn’t work for me so much.

And, my sister said while she loves the hair cut, she prefers smaller nose rings on me.  So do I.

The problem is, I haven’t found a smaller actual nose ring (not earring) that I don’t lose in my sleep.  I need to find a thinner ring.  I got this one at Hot Topic as a place holder until I find another one I like.  Surprisingly, that was the smallest one they had. 

Christiano was really well behaved at the salon.  I was only worried at one point.  The stylist had me sit Alyce and Nano in the chair beside us, but then she took me over to wash my hair.  You cannot walk away from an 18 month old.  You can’t.  He headed straight to the bottles to pull them down.  I asked Alyce to bring Nano to me and the stylist laughed and said she’s trying.  He’s almost as big as she is.  It’s true.  My 18 month old comes up to my 3 1/2 year old’s nose.  He’s not a small baby.  While she was cutting my hair, he sat on my lap while I bribed him with Reece’s Peeces and let him play the balloon pop game on my phone.

I sent Pato that picture above and he came back with it looks good, I didn’t realize how much you needed it cut.  I came back with, are you saying I looked like crap before?  No, just kidding!

So, while I didn’t do nothing and I didn’t get any of the movies watched, yesterday still wasn’t stressful.

Today I have to get supper going in the crock pot here when I post this.  Then I have Christiano’s 18 month appointment at 11:30.  After that, it’s home for naps and then off to Jordan’s soccer practice.  Tomorrow, Katiana has a game at noon, then we’ll drop Jordan off at his dad’s.  He’ll bring him home Sunday at 1:30 so I can get Jordan to his game by 3:30. 

Fun fun!

Ok, moms out there. Ever run out of diapers?  What did you do? 

You know Christiano has had tummy problems since January or so.  It started out as C.Diff, he went on a strong dose of antibiotics, it went away, it came back.  I gave him acidophilus, it went away, it came back.  We’ve been fighting this for 9 months almost.  I’m ready for his doctor to refer him to a specialist.  It was gone for a few days again, and I thought I had enough diapers to last until Pato could pick up some more last night.  His tummy started acting up in the afternoon and we blew through all of the diapers.  At 8:30 PM, I started texting Pato.  I have 3 diapers left, when you get off work HURRY!  8:45.  I have 2 diapers left.  9:15.  I have one diaper left.  10.  Your son is in a swim diaper.  I was talking to my SIL on the phone and told her I had heard that swim diapers don’t actually keep the pee in.  They just keep poop from going into the water.  I was stressing that he would pee all over the place?  Should I use a pad too?  We were kind of giggling over that.

I had posted on Facebook about running out of diapers and one of my friends said, add a sanitary napkin for extra absorbency.  Right on!   I did.  We all stayed dry.

Pato wasn’t too excited about his son in a pad when he got home.  Well, what do you want me to do?  I had the 2 oldest in bed, I couldn’t just leave and get him diapers.  I made do. 

Thank you very much.

Poor kid.

Alright, I am off to get supper in the crock pot, jump in the shower, get ready, and get my youngest two up to head for the doctor’s to visit all my fave people with healthcare jobs.  He’s going to check my ear drum also and see if it’s healing right.  I think it is.  I have probably 75% of my hearing back.  It’s not perfect yet and it still feels like my ear just needs to pop good, but being able to hear more is good.  In the beginning I couldn’t hear at all when I’d put my phone up to that ear and could hear barely anything if I put my ear bud in.  (I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I wanted to see how much hearing I had lost at that point.)  Plus, the horrible whistling is gone.  That was bad.  When people would talk, it sounded like a strong wind blowing through trees.  I’d take not being able to hear out of one ear over that sound any day.

You have a great day!

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