I Did It! #NaNoWinner2016

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nano winner banner

I have wanted to do Nanowrimo for years and years.  I just never had the confidence to do it.  This year I told one friend that I wanted to do it and that I wanted her to hold me accountable.  Then I told a few other friends, and then I told you guys.  Telling people really pushed me towards finishing and not giving up.


I did it!  Yesterday morning I pushed past the 50,000 word mark on the very last day to make it happen.  Today I continue writing because I think I am only about half way through the story I am writing.

I’ve got to say, I thought it would be harder for me.  I actually enjoyed sitting down and losing myself in the words.  I added a few of my own night terrors to the story that I am creating and that was more than a little therapeutic to get out.

all in her head

Will all in her head ever see the outside of my google docs folder?  I don’t know.  I’m just amazed that I finished strong with the 50,000 words.


I do know that this night was the cherry on the sundae.  Alyce has been reading along as I write.  The other night I looked over and she was wiping tears away.  I said what’s wrong?  She said I can’t believe I am crying over a book, that is so embarrassing.

Darling, I’ve done it too.

Congrats to all the other winners!

Have a great day!

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