I Chopped My Hair Off

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image courtesy of iZombie

I have had this slight obsession with Liv from iZombie since premiered.  I love her hair, I love her eye make up, and she kicks a$$ as a good zombie. Who knew there were good zombies?

The eye make up I had down (you need some reddish brown eye shadow to perfect it, there weren’t many YouTube tutorials on it yet, but I watched a couple and then made it my own.  Didn’t take a picture the days I did it, totally should have.

The hair took me a bit longer.  I LOVE the hairstyle she rocks in this show.  I decided one overly hot and humid Iowa day that it was time to cut my hair.

long hair

That’s curly. When I straightened it, it reached my waist.   I cut off 12 inches the first time and then went back and had them cut off two more inches off the back two days later.

The lady was worried I would regret cutting my hair off so she was being conservative when cutting it for me.  The second time I said dramatic!  I want it as dramatic as you can get it.


It’s taken me a few days to learn how to style it the way I like.   In the picture it was still hot and humid and the little bits in the back wouldn’t stay completely straight no matter how many times I went over them.

I love it!  It’s so much cooler.  The only problem I have is that when I get hot, a pony tail looks funny seeing as it is only two inches long when I pull it up and most of the bottom falls out.  The other thing I want to figure out is how to make it look wavy.  I have two modes to my hair curly and frizzy or straight as a board.  I need to try sea salt spray and see if that helps when it’s short like this.  It didn’t help when it was long.  If you know how to make it just a bit wavy, leave me a comment!

Have a wonderful day!

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