How to Fix Your Microdermal Piercing After Being Hit

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I am not responsible for anything that might happen to your microdermal  or your skin if you do what I did.  This was a last ditch effort for me in an attempt to save my microdermal.  I would suggest talking to your piercer first, always before trying to fix your microdermal piercing on your own.

My poor microdermal has been through hell since I got it done back in February.

182064_10150391076840551_702180550_17279482_7024241_nThat is the day I got it done.  It healed nicely.  I loved it.  It’s my favorite piercing.


After it was healed.

I’ve snagged it on sweatshirts a few times, literally felt the rip as it well, ripped.  In fact, I snagged it on that sweatshirt I have on in the picture above the first time. I got it caught on my pillow a few times.  Each time, I put a band aid over it for a couple of days and it was fine.

The worst though was when I got hit in the face with a soccer ball.  My husband was taking shots at my son so he could practice his goalie work.  I wasn’t paying attention and smack, right into my microdermal.


If you look under my dermal there, you can see the lump.  I had make up on, but without it, you could totally see the anchor under my skin.  It was completely silver/gray.

I went to my piercer, who wasn’t there.  The other guy said, I don’t mess with micros.  Come back when she is here.  I was worried she was going to take it out, so I didn’t go back.

Last night, it was really pushed up and I was worried about it.

I started surfing and searching how to fix your microdermal.  All I was finding was how to take care of it and that you need to have it taken out if your body rejects it.  My body hadn’t rejected it, I had pretty much ripped all of the tissue out of the anchor holes.  That is the whole reason for this post, if I had trouble finding something about going through something similar to what I did, others are going to also.

Finally, after much digging, I found this (the site I found it at is no longer available).

I don’t suggest you doing this because your not a piercer but if your stuck and you have no other option you want to push really hard with your pointer finger in the center of the gem on your anchor pushing it straight down onto your skin. You would do this before you started the 3-4 day round circle band aid rejection reversing trick. get it? hope that helps..

What did I have to lose?  I was going to lose my microdermal anyway if something didn’t happen, and it looked horrible even with make up over it.

Went to the mirror and started pushing down.  It didn’t hurt at all and I started noticing a difference right away.  Kept pushing and pushing and….

this is disgusting, weak stomachs skip down a bit.  I think the tissue and pus from injuring it was actually stuck UNDER my anchor and was pushing it up against the skin, because a lot of not completely dry, but not liquid, stuff came out.  I just kept pushing until it was lying flat again and I couldn’t see the color of the anchor through my skin.

I put a band aid over it last night so I wouldn’t snag it, but I truly don’t think it needs to heal again, it didn’t hurt at all.  It was just disgusting the stuff that came out, the smell.  Be forewarned, if you have what I had, it stinks….bad.

It’s almost completely flat under my skin again.  I’m going to keep working on it but I’m so relieved.  Have to take out your favorite piercing?  Please no.  I had to find another option.  I was desperate enough to have my piercer move it around under my skin if she would.

Turned out, drastic measures weren’t needed.

Have a great day!

Update:  It is now July of 2014.  Almost 3 years after I wrote this post and my microdermal is still doing great.  I want another one so badly.  Maybe just maybe I will treat myself to one for my 40th birthday in December.  You’re never to old to get pierced right? 🙂

me 3 years after originally fixing my piercingAll 3 facial piercings in one shot?  That’s almost impossible.
Microdermal, monroe, and nose.

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  • jordan

    yay thank you so much for this post, I’m glad I have hope!

  • mandy

    This has helped a lot. I have mine on my chest and had to have it cut out and re-done. Iv’e caught mine too and it looked just like you described. I’ve sat for a while with my finger on pressed on it and it’s worked. It’s now flat against my skin again. Thank you x

  • Sophia

    Hi Heather.

    A couple weeks ago I caught my piercing on something I can’t remember what and I noticed it wasn’t flat against my skin anymore.

    Well after that, dirt and stuff had started to gather around the now showing bar so I’ve been cleaning it.

    A few days ago I noticed one side of the plate was starting to show and it was leaning to one side. This has been getting worse and just now that side of the plate has popped out but the other side is still in and I can’t even see it through the skin.

    I just want to know if you think it’s possible to push this back in by myself or a piercer?

    Your advice would be much appreciated.

    Sophia x

    • Heather Ayala

      I am so sorry I am just now responding. I kind of took a break over the holidays. If it looks like mine did, you should be able to push it back in yourself. I had to work with mind over a few days and push until I really felt it against my cheek bone but everything came out and it looks great now. I haven’t had any problems with it since. If you’re nervous at all though, you should go see your piercer.

  • Kieran

    I knocked mine on the wall the other day coming down the stairs, and then this morning I woke up with it all read and one side of the bar raised. So I did what you said and covered it with a plaster, Lets hope it works for me since it is my favourite piercing also ive only had it for 3 weeks

    • Heather Ayala

      How did it work. I know how you feel. That is definitely my favorite one. Mine is still doing great after using this technique. Hope yours is fixed too!

  • Hi

    My dermal below my eye popped half out about a month ago. I pushed it back in and it seemed fine. Although that being said I woke up this morning to find the same thing. AS I was half asleep looking at it and trying to push it back in the whole thing came out. I gave it a clean and also cleaned the hole and popped it back in. I don’t have it covered at the moment but hoping that if I keep some pressure on it and cover it in my sleep it should heal ok although I have read a few stories where it might just be completely rejecting but fingers crossed we will see!
    Your post was super helpful though and I am going to try and sort this first without going straight to the piercer

  • Christeen

    I got my microdermal beside my eye in December. I almost ripped it completely out with a comb. Not fun. I pushed it back in and treated it as new again. The other day I hit it on my fiance’s face when I hugged him. It was sore for a few days after that. Well it has seemed fine the last couple of days until tonight. I showered and I was putting a band-aid on it for sleep. Makes me feel better. The glue of the band-aid got stuck on the gem and pulled the thing completely out. I put it back in and put another band-aid on it. Do you think it can still heal even though it came out all the way?

  • Hannah

    I have had many problems with mine. I have the back of my neck pierced the first one i had done hd to be removed my 2nd piercer told me that i was not pierced correctly in the first place i trusted her judgment and had it taken out
    I then had it repierced. This one ive had for about 2 months and its been pussing and really irritated because everything snags it. Well today i went to push some of the puss out and the gem fell off. I didnt want to risk waiting untill the morning and having the anchor get lost in my skin so i pulled the anchor out screwed the gem in cleaned out my neck and pushed the anchor back in. Not a smart thing to do i know but believe it or not my piercing has never felt better. I would never recommend you take it out yourself but it was kind of an emergency. And to be honest im glad i had the guts to do it myself. All it took was a little time and a lot of cleaning and it feels a lot better. Good luck to anybody with this issue I almost passed out.

  • Danielle N.

    Hi, thanks for your post! It gave me a huge sigh of relief!! Mine came out halfway when I accidentally hit it while i was sleeping but I ripped the skin pretty bad of the entrance of my dermal piercing. That caused it to move a lot when I soak it and clean it!. It doesn’t move at all though during the day when it is dry. This happened like a month ago and it is still moving back and forth after cleaning it with salt water and i see no progress. I cover it with a band aid at night but when you say you with a band aid for a couple days how often did you clean it?

    • Heather Ayala

      You know, I really didn’t clean it that much then. I had had it for while and it really didn’t need it. I don’t clean it at all now except for normal washing of my face. I’ve had no problems with it since then. Mine is ripped on the inside though, not the entrance. I would just keep doing what you are doing, wash it in the morning when you get up and at night before you go to bed, then after it’s completely dry, keep it covered until it heals and sets back in place. Good luck!

  • Angela

    Thanks it worked!!!!!

    • Heather Ayala

      awesome! Glad I could help!

  • Sylvia Joromat

    I just want to let you know yourr freakung amazing and im ssoooo glad i stumbled across this!! I am a piercing fanatic i havr three on my lips two chest dermals and two back dermals when i first got my back done my piercer did it completely crooked and had to get one taken out and redone! Later i got my chest done and they were impecably perfect but after a snag on a friend of mines lace shirt on one, and a seat belt snag on the other, the anchor poked through my skin before i could do anything about it! I got both taken out and redone and one just never took right! I realize my biggest mistake was to have gotten them taken out in the first place and wish i would of come across your post sooner! Now the dermal that didnt take right is starting to reject again see through skin with anchir visibility and all and ive been scared to push in it myself in fear of making it reject even more! Bbbuutt after reading your post i have tried this and seems like success to me! Only thing that sucka for me is that im allergic to latex and those small bandaids give me a n awful skin rash if i leavr them on for more than a couple of hours.. but with that being said, again thank you for your input and keep bit comin mama!!

    • Heather Ayala

      You’re welcome! I hope this one sticks. My microdermal is my favorite piercing and I’m so glad I was able to save it. Still debating getting another one beside but up a bit from my other one. 🙂

  • Kelly

    I’ve had my dermal for years I have had any problems or infections but if I touch it and smell my fingers it smells really stinky I talked to my piercer and told me to
    Get a cotton ball and soak in sea salt water it will bring any “infection” to surface I know it’s the smell of dead skin cells , I take care if it shower twice a day I have great hygiene but it still smells I think I want take it out its just an offensive odor ugh … Any feedback would be appreciated 🙂 thanks

    • Heather Ayala

      I don’t have that problem with my dermal except for right when I started this process and I was pushing the dead stuff out. I do have that problem with my nose and my monroe. I’ve had my nose pierced for 10 years and my monroe for 4 and they still stink like that when I move them around. It’s really gross when it’s right in your nose. Drives me crazy. My sister in law has those piercings also (no dermal) and hers does the same stinky thing. I assumed those two places were like that because it’s the mouth and nose, two areas that get bacteria in them fairly easily.

      This might sound weird, but next time you go to the dr for any other reason, I’d mention it and see if they have any suggestions. Unless they are like mine and would tell you to take it out. He’s so straight laced, no fun at all, good doctor though. 🙂

      Also, since you have had it for years, have you tried antibacterial ointment on it or neosporin? I know we aren’t supposed to use it on a new piercing, but I’ve used it on my older ones. Zinc (the mineral) promotes healing too so if there was anything going on in there, it might help. My first piercer told me that and told me to take it for a couple of weeks after each piercing. I keep a bottle on hand here now.

    • Elizabeth Noelle Crites

      Smelly Jelly. You can get it on PiercedFish and probably other places that sell piercings and accessories. Mine smelled too. So gross.

  • Lacy

    I have two dermals right at the outside corners of my eyes, just beyond the eye socket bone. Not the best place for dermals, just because that skin is high traffic and moves alot, but I absolutely love them and they look gorgous. I constantly catch my left one, on everything, shirts, my hairbrush, I forget and itch it and it rips. And last night I noticed that I could see the foot under the skin, almost poking through. I panicked and wanted to cry and immediately started researching. Everything I read said it was rejecting and would need to be removed and I was SO sad. Until i found this article, i moved it up, and pushed on it like you said and noticed immediate results. I figure once you move it back into its old placing, and let it heal again, and its not irritating the skin underneath anymore, it pretty much reanchors itself. What i had is more a major case of migration more than rejection because there was no fluid or discharge and no swelling or pain. That’s my input on this method….I don’t think it would work for actual rejection. That’s just my opinion. In any case this worked for me and may just save my dermal. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! <3

  • karli

    i talked to a friend of mine who is a piercer at a shop, because my two on my lower back have been rejecting. she said that if i go into the shop, they will take them out, flush out the pocket, and put them back in. she also told me to try using tea tree oil

  • steph

    So I literally JUST did this…. noticed IMMEDIATE results and then came to research after to see if anyone had done the same! No smell, no rejection to begin with, had been itchy since they’re healing … half asleep I scratched and yanked on it obviously and it began slowly swelling since then. The anchor began to show snd I freaked and tried to drain anything out… nothing. Got sea salt n warm water n cleaned around it with a q-tip and fogured I’d try pushing it in… I had nothing to lose thinking ill have to get it removed tonorrow but no!!! I think this did the tri k!! Thank u soooo much for posting this and reassuring people with similar issues!!! Big help!!! (: !!

    • heathermanning

      I am so glad it is working. Just keep pressing down on it. And You’re welcome! I know when it happened to me, I could only find the one article on it, and I wasn’t about to lose that piercing. 🙂 It’s still my favorite. I’m just a lot more cautious now pulling on hoodies.

  • Red head.

    So =. Mines not very old. Maybe almost three weeks. The first week going into the second was beautiful. I didnt swell once. Never even felt it. Until I got it caught while putting a garder mask on during a photo shoot. =[ I heard it pop.. like when you piece your ear and hear the seven or so pops. It scared me and the md turned pinkish.
    Well I assumed that was just the blood rushing to it. Since then ive been trying to pay attention to it. I wore bandaids for like two days and hoped all was well.
    Randomly now it wants to feel tough and makes it appear slightly swollen. So I figured it was plasma tryin to heal it. Its blood. Im not sure if thats bad. I am hoping pushing it down d flushing with saline then putting a bandaid on it for a few more days will maybe help avoid it rejecting.. unless I may have fucked it up by tampering with it = I want this and I dont think it had plans on rejecting but im also not sure.

  • Mine snagged like a month ago when I was sleeping on a friend’s couch, and the anchor raised to where you can see it through the skin. (It’s above my eyebrow).
    I thought maybe it would eventually go down.. It didn’t.
    Today, it started hurting.. Like the way it was hurting the night I got it done. I just saw this blog and I did what you said. Thick puss stuff did come out, and it seems like the anchor went down a little bit. But it still hurts a bit and i’m worried about it.

    QUESTION TIME: The article you linked no longer exists!! What am I supposed to do with a bandaid exactly? I’m guessing i’m supposed to leave a bandaid over it to create moisture under the anchor so that it will fall back into place (or something like that). I have a bandaid on my face right now, soo please answer!
    THANK YOU. My piercer is gonna hate me when i go back to see her, but at least it hopefully won’t look AS bad as it did.

    (I haven’t been able to go to my piercer because I moved to Louisiana, where dermals are illegal, and I haven’t been able to drive up there to see her).

  • MrsMahatma Gandhi

    Im actually having trouble with mine and this trick worked in a snap

    My tip is too large and keeps getting caught and keep babying it and yada yada. Was about to cut it out and pushing right back down didnt hurt and worked

    • heathermanning

      I’m so glad it helped!

  • heathermanning

    I thought I replied to this! I’m so sorry! I hope you got to your piercer. The band aid is to keep it in place while it is healing – so it doesn’t migrate back out – and to keep you from snagging it, especially when you are sleeping. I would not leave the band aid on all the time though, use it the majority of the time while sleeping. That moisture is actually not good. It needs air to breathe and to heal.

  • heathermanning

    tea tree oil is amazing for piercings. I always use sea salt and then tea tree oil. It is a natural antibiotic and helps heal plus it helps numb things a little when you are in pain.

  • Jesse Stover

    This is going to sound crazy, but I have my lower back pierced and the one on my right side took most of the beating for the past 6 months. My backpacks, purses and briefcase would frequently hit it. Being right handed, I carried everything on that side. It got irritated for a week or so now and then but the pain would subside. It got extremely painful a couple weeks ago. I cleaned it, bandaged it and it started to feel fine again. I came home today and it literally fell out. I’m not sure if it was rejecting this whole time or just getting bumped and banged too often and gave up. (I don’t recommend this and please don’t read if you have a weak stomach.) I took tweezers and tried sliding it back in. No dice. I then noticed masses inside the hole so I took the tweezers and pulled at least a few chunks of tissue out of the hole dumping peroxide in it the whole time. Once I had cleaned and hollowed the hole, I tried to insert it again. I still couldn’t. Finally, I took a razor blade and cut a slit for the other side of the plate. Finally FINALLY the anchor went in. I put the jewel back in and it seems to finally be sitting flush with my skin. Has ANYONE had one come out completely and go to some extreme like mine and it stay in? Apologies for the lengthy story, this is just the first time I’ve seen a post that didn’t say I HAVE to get it removed.

    • heathermanning

      oh honey. I think you are even more determined to keeps yours than I am. I don’t think I have squirmed that much reading the comments on this post as I did with yours. Just the thought of what you have done to save it – ouch. Please be careful. I would not be the one to tell you to let it go, but you are going to have to change how you are carrying things if you want to keep it, hoping it heals. Since you have them on both sides on your back, I would switch to something that is a crossover in the front type bag. Watch that closely. Use sea salt/water and tea tree oil to keep it clean. In this case I would even say tea tree oil if you have it on hand, I would go get tea tree oil and keep applying it to it. It is an awesome antiseptic and has antibiotic properties. I would keep it bandaged most of the time to protect it, but when you are at home and not doing anything that would touch it, unbandage it – remove clothes from that area, and let the air get to it to help it heal. Please keep a close eye on it (did I say that already). If it shows sign of an infection, go to a doctor. Fingers crossed that it heals quickly and stays put!

      • Jesse Stover

        It was quite intense. This may be an understatement. However, I’ll be traveling in a week to Las Vegas for business and leisureand knew that if I didn’t act fast I would be sporting a nice disgusting wound the whole time. I just went and picked up Tea Tree Oil, Sea Salt and plenty of bandages. We shall see. It looks better now than it has the past month. However, it did seem that there was almost no infection when it came out. I’m hoping carefully watching this and switching purses will save me in the end. Thank you for the response and I apologize for the grotesque event I had described.

        • heathermanning

          no apology needed! That’s what this post is here for. 🙂 I really hope it heals. It sounds like you are on the right track. Keep us updated. It might give someone else hope in the same situation.

          • Jesse Stover

            Absolutely. Though I did hours of searches for a similar situation and finally stumbled upon your post. It gave me some hope. I don’t know how many other crazies there are like me. It is possible that I’m one of the few willing to admit. I will certainly keep everyone posted.

    • Loni

      I soo love your determination, that sounds like something that I would have done, I have 6 dermals in my lower back for over a year and at times it will get irritated and swell up, thats the time when you have to monitor it and if it looks like it is about to migrate -( hell no way ) you just grit your teeth, take a deep breath, push that little gem really hard for it to go back in place so that it does not heal one sided, If your pain tolerance is high, then just push it reaaaallly hard back in place and band aid it down so it does not shift for a while.

  • Allyse Urpman

    Thank you for this post!

    I got my dermal for the 3rd time 11 days ago and it, for no reason, no snag, nothing, is raised on one side and i think that my piercer just didn’t set it right, because my other one is perfectly flat and not sore or red. I think this one might be thinking about rejecting, I pushed straight down and hard for about 30 seconds and a clear, red, yellowy liquid came out, no smell and other than swelling and redness now, i think that it might have helped alleviate some pressure. Still tilted a bit, but I won’t know until the swelling has gone down. I have tea tree oil on it after a shower and i am letting them air out. We will see! But i might just go have my piercer reset it tomorrow!

  • heathermanning

    Ugh. I hope it does not reject. Did you end up seeing your piercer? I think you are right with it sounding like it wasn’t laying flat to begin with. Hoping it is all good now!

  • Gabby

    I know this post was written awhile ago. How is the dermal now? I got three dermals about a month and a half ago and one of them rejected yesterday 🙁 I kind of helped it come out but I wanted to know if I could save the other two from rejecting if it happens to them (and also not have to shell out another 60 bucks to get it redone).

    • heathermanning

      I would try the steps in the post and see if that doesn’t help. If it doesn’t see your piercer. Good luck!

  • Lauren dear

    Your post helped me so much, thank you! I’ve had mine (below my collarbone) for about 3 months and tried to be really careful with it. But tonight, I snagged it with my loofah and the bottom foot popped out above my skin. After freaking out, I cleansed it, dried everything off, and tried to push the bottom part back down into my skin while pushing on the gem really hard to get it to go back in place. It did hurt a bit, but I felt it pop back into place. Still hoping it heals well, but I’m so relieved!

    • heathermanning

      That sounds so painful.. probably because I know how that feels. I think everyone who has one is cringing when they read that it snagged. I hope it is doing well still!

  • heathermanning

    Yes, that is exactly what happened to me when I got hit in mine. I could move the foot around under my skin. Once I pushed all the gunk out, it healed back to how it was and it is securely in place again. Good luck with yours!

  • Sam Whatsoff

    i knocked mine the other night, one of the sides is now visible through the skin.
    ive attempted to push it back down, however im quite certain it rotated slightly when i knocked it as the anchor is sitting on a different angle to where it was,
    any tips on how i might try and fix this?

  • Alyssa Stegner

    Wow I cannot believe it… I’ve had mine for about 4 or 5 months, on my face below my right eye & it was just fine after I got it, but I kept catching it on everything and just recently it seemed pretty red & I started to be able to see the anchor underneath my skin… My dermal was poking out of my skin recently more than I remembered it being after I got it… I just tried doing this & bam! A little bit of puss and some blood came out but it is back in my skin like it was after I got it! It’s irritated right now obviously but I think this trick worked!!!!!! Thank you so much!

  • Melissa Stevens

    Hello, Im Melissa and love your blog! I kinda did what you did because my daughter keeps wacking it when she plays. Mine is very new, like 2 months and 3x now she’s accidentally got it. I soak a cotton ball with antibacterial soap a few times, then use hot as I can handle water on a clean wash cloth until cold with another seasalt soak cotton ball under it until cold, then I take q tips and keep cleaning under it until it’s flat again, all the hot water and sea salt compresses help pull out the puss and infection inside. Then I use that same wash cloth, wet it with hot water again until cold then slap a waterproof band aid on their for a cpl days. It doesn’t take long, just sounds like it would. Usually takes me 20 mins maximum because I make sure to get all infection out. I only keep the band aid on at night so it can heal back up in a snap. During the day I agree for sure let it get air… Usually healed ???? within a 24-72 hour time frame depending on how bad the infection is. I’m 34 and plan on getting more…. Not too many, but 6 more dermal piercings spread from my collar bone to chest, my favorite number is 7,the one under my eye was one out of 7.

  • sarah

    Hello there. I’ve had three dermas under my eye. I did have to get one replacement. some how i snagged it. And it came completely out. Eek. But now I have one that I was cleaning and it got sore after that. I’d say I gave it to much attention. Lol The day after it cot rally sore. I pushed the gross ness out and it slightly swollen and red. I got dome more stuff out after taking the bandaid off this moring. I just kept squeezing. It’s less red but still pretty sore. But I can only imagin because of the squeezing and stresS. I really hope it’s okay. I super love it. I’m also pregnant and seriously hope it’s not hard core infected.

  • Mishawn Fields

    Okay I’m so sad this trick isn’t working for me & mines is only poking out a lil bit. Every time I try to push it in , it’s just moving around in a circle. My first one rejected & I already had to spend money on getting it replaced. I’m not coughing another penny to get a new one.
    This sucks I love my implant….

  • Sonj

    My dermal is under my right eye. First off, when I got it done in June, the piercer punched the hole but couldn’t get it all the way in, so she punched a second hole in right beside it. In August it got caught in my hair and it was ripped out I cleaned everything and put it back in myself. Now it keeps getting swollen underneath and lymph keeps coming out, but another problem is, that the skin is not healing tightly to the dermal, I’m guessing it’s because of the two punches because it was that way before it got ripped out but I’m not sure. It doesn’t come up or out but it does move and I am super careful to not knock it hard or move it too much. What really concerns me is the swelling and drainage, it’s really itchy when it swells. What do I do to stop the swelling, itching, and to get the skin to heal tightly around the dermal?

  • Kasey

    Thank you for your blog. I was starting to loose my mind. I was like some one has had to have this (or close to it) happen to them.
    I have had trouble with one out of three (all done within a few minutes of each other) of mine since I got it pierced 5 months ago. The topper was to tall and my pants would push it on its side. It started to reject. After 2 months of trying to fight the topper with band aids and cotton balls (and not being able to get the topper off myself) I finally went to my piercer. He changed the tall topper to a flat one (which hurt So freaking bad). And it has been doing GREAT since then.
    But when your piercer tells you DO NOT use a Loofah, listen to them…
    I ripped mine fully the other night with the loofah.Which didn’t hurt surprisingly. I would have never noticed if it didn’t hit my foot when it came out. I was so sad after all I went through to stop the initial rejection.
    I cleaned it and and the hole then pushed it back in. (which even that was painless)
    I’m on day 2 of having it back in… no redness, so swelling, no pain… Fingers crossed that my body decides it is going to keep it. And that my skin will heal around it the way it should.

  • Samantha

    Ive had a facial dermal peircing for about a month now. The problem I’m having is that sometimes there is a little bit of what I believe to be is puss mixed with blood that comes out around the peircing. The area of the peircing isn’t red or swollen or anything but I was just wondering why it would be doing that? And how long will it take to heal and not hurt when it’s touched? Also it still bleeds a little from time to time. Anyone have any advice?

  • Justine

    So my dermal was pulled on a ride at 6 flags then again that same night on my body sponge . My piercing is basically on my chest so the anchor was showing to the point that all you saw was metal and me being me I wanted to fix because it’s my favorite piercing so I cleaned it then massaged it to the point that the anchor went back in so now I have a hole next to it that needs to heal but massage and pushing down on it helps so much and I’ve had it for like 3 or 4 months . But I’m scared now this hole won’t heal

  • Bria Corson

    I have had my back dermals for about 4 months now and had very little problems I quit salines after they healed an stopped hurting but I think mine is irritated or I pulled on it it is often pushed on during sex but it is typically fine after I rub it and go to sleep but it’s mostly my left one I have problems with Ive never had a problem with my right until yesterday I just leave my right a lone it healed perfect but the top was always stuck I think my piercer stripped the jewelry and just said screw it so I can’t tell wuts going on under the top and trying to twist it is irritating it more it feels a little swollen but I can’t tell if it’s just the anchor I’m feeling I can’t really see anything since its on my back and my boyfriend is no help and he has big fingers so he couldn’t really help anyway I have no idea wuts wrong or how to fix it

  • Stacie

    i have a micro dermal on my hand had it about 4 months nothing ever went wrong then one day i had shopping bags coming come and snagged it on the bag 🙁 ever since i lost my ball i left it off then went to blue bannana and got a new ball since then it risen up like a little hill on my hand gone so red and its like a different colour like greyish on the red risen bit as its a red circle arround the pericing its had stuff yellowish coming out but stil feels really lumpy underneath anyone know what coould be wrong? first time ive had one never had a problem till snagged and got a new ball . Thankyou

  • Samantha

    I just want to start by saying thank you SO much for this post!!
    I didn’t realize how old this was until I signed up JUST to post about how much this thread has helped me.

    I’ve had my dermal for about 4 months now, in the middle of my chest. It was healing really well, until one day I snagged it (I didn’t even remember doing it) and I could tell the plate dislodged and there was a bump where the plate is supposed to be under the skin.
    Mind you, I’ve never rejected a piercing (I have 13 piercings, this is my first dermal)
    When I touched it, I could feel the plate. I could also SEE it through my skin. (The color of the plate)
    I pushed HARD. painful it was, but had IMMEDIATE RESULTS!! I would have never thought to do this, but my god I am so glad I did. I don’t have to remove the dermal, which is what I was afraid of! Somebody puss and gunk came out, which is okay because I know it’s working! Thank you so much for this post! It’s worth a try in my book!!!!