Homemade Weighted Pencil Grip Tutorial #SensoryNeeds

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weighted pencil grips

My youngest has sensory perception disorder, along with a couple of other invisible to the eye things, and we are always trying to find ways to help him at school.

His occupational therapist recommended weighted pencil grips to help give some heaviness to the pencil.  It gives him a bit of pressure.  She couldn’t find one there that was store bought but came across one that one of the therapists must have made.

It was so simple and much less inexpensive than buying one ($13-20 online I’ve found).  This cost me a total of $2 out of pocket (if you have duct tape and bolts lying around, it won’t cost you anything).

I wish I had thought to take pictures while I was doing it but it’s so easy, you really don’t need them.


2-3 bolts (depending how much weight you want) that a pencil fits into (it doesn’t have to be a perfect fit, just not too loose. Mine aren’t, but the glue, tape, and yarn seem to make it fit well).

small bit of yarn

E6000 glue (or another strong glue)

duct tape


(Possibly some rubber bands, I didn’t need any.)

How to:

Glue the bolts on top of each other in a stick, make sure you line up the holes.

Let the glue dry a bit.

Thread the yarn through the holes.  At this point, I put the pencil in through the bolts so that if the glue wasn’t dried perfectly, they wouldn’t slip around.  Cut off any excess yarn.

Tie the ends of the yarn tightly in a knot.  (The knot will be in the center of the line of bolts on the outside of the pencil grip.) Remove pencil.

Cover entirely in duct tape (even over the holes.  I put a piece over each end, and then wrapped the entire thing in duct tape).

Poke a small hole in each end with the scissors where the pencil will enter and exit at.

Push the pencil through the grips and voila, homemade weighted pencil grip in whatever style of duct tape you covered it in. 

If needed, you can wrap a rubber band above and below where you want the grip so that it doesn’t slip.  With the one’s I made, the duct tape helps grip it to the pencil that it  doesn’t slide around after Nano puts it where he wants it on the pencil.

I used camo and checkered.  I got them at the Dollar Tree so the two rolls cost $2 all together.  I used 3 bolts that my husband had laying around in the garage and they weren’t even pretty new ones.  They were rusted, I used a little rust remover on them and then washed them with soap and water before I started the rest.

I don’t know about you, but my 6 year old loses things and I’d rather him lose something that I spent very little money on and can remake easily than a more expensive sensory aid that I will need to go to the store to replace.  He honestly thinks they are the coolest things ever. 

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