Holiday Joke For Your Students

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Mini Composition Notebook

I was putting together little gift boxes (with mini rubix cubes, mini whoopie cushions, balls with eyes, fidgets, a little candy, etc) for the students that I work with and found these itty bitty teeny tiny composition notebooks at Party City.  They were a whole quarter each.

I took them home, opened each of them, and wrote “summer journal” on each of them.

Then I brought them to school in the gift boxes and told the kids that they need to continue their journaling over the summer.

WHAT?! I’m not journaling over the summer.


It was awesome.  I could see these being used the same way over winter and spring breaks.

They are adorable and it’s fun to see their faces when the students faces when they open them. 😀

I would love to keep my own kids journaling and reading over the summer.  It will be a struggle with my boys, but we’ll keep at it.

How do you keep your kids’ brains going over the summer?

Have a wonderful day!

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