Heartache & Sin

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Heartache & Sin by Charles Soto

Holy cow.  This book was an emotional roller coaster.  Let me give you the synopsis before I delve into my review.

Hard-driving and provocative, this unconventional love story will have audiences talking for weeks after reading. Charles Soto touches at the heart of humanity with this epic tale, tackling the hardships of abortion. Dissecting the tenderest parts of a mother’s being, while destroying a father’s conscience, Heartache and Sin starts where love, hate, murder and church collide. Like all couples, when Steven and Karen Wheaton learn of their pregnancy, they are elated. Active churchgoers with a pointed sense of right and wrong, they hope to instill their values in this new life. When a corrupt clergyman starts to use Karen to promote his own corrupt anti-abortion agenda, Steven finds himself surrounded by questions of morality. As Karen’s pregnancy takes a turn for the worse and she becomes deathly ill, it starts to appear that the only thing that may save her is an abortion. Will Steven be able to save his wife or baby? Which would he choose? www.authorcharlessoto.com

When Charles asked me if I’d like to read his book, I’ll be honest, I wanted to, but I was nervous.  Now this is not to start an abortion debate, I am not going to preach to you why I feel the way I do, I will just say that I am ProLife. Knowing the book has an abortion theme and not knowing how it would end made me nervous about reading it and giving it a positive review.

But like I said, holy cow!  Charles has this way of writing that just draws you in and through his words he is able to make you angry, sad, heart broken, I ran the gamut here.  I was so mad at Pastor Ryan.  He literally made me ill.  I couldn’t understand how this whole congregation couldn’t see through, but such is the cult mentality.  My heart broke for Karen and Steve and her health problems, and without giving away the ending, I so wanted her baby to be ok.  For her to be ok.  For something to happen that would allow both to survive. 

I hurt for Mary, the pastor’s wife.  This woman who is beaten down emotionally, physically.  Yet she has no escape.  None.  She is held captive by her love for her children. 

I just can’t understand how people who read their bible, who believe in what it says, how they can be drawn in by a monster like this.  In the beginning of the book, my stomach turned as I read during their prayer for rain service, praise is to you Pastor.  We believe in you Pastor.  Pardon me as shudder from anyone putting that kind of faith/belief into a man.  The power that one person gets from that cults fanaticism, the things they get away with, it’s dangerous, as Charles proves very well in Heartache & Sin

Steven.  Poor Steven.  As the pastor is trying to manipulate his wife away from him, he is trying so hard to show the man for what he truly is while trying not to upset his wife with his disbelief in the pastor and his plans.  One wrong word and his frail wife, who is living with juvenile diabetes, will go rushing to live at the compound with the pastor and his fanatics, who care nothing for her health. They just want to use her to further there cause.

I want to tell you more, so much more, but if I did it would ruin everything, completely blow the ending for you, which left me in tears. 

Charles is so good with his descriptions.  You know how I love a good descriptive book.  I love being able to see a room in my head as I’m reading and he took it there and beyond.  He is amazingly talented with the written word!

I couldn’t imagine being in Karen’s shoes.  Wanting this child so badly but knowing that carrying the baby to term could kill me.  How heartbreaking would that be for any person?

Charles Soto told such a good story.  One that makes you stop and think.  One that I am very happy that I read. 

In the back of Heartache & Sin was the beginning of his next book, Pride & A Prayer, which I cannot wait to get my hands on.  Just the little tease that I read left me wanting more.

Charles, I am so glad you asked me to review your book!  My heart went out to these characters, my stomach was in turmoil waiting to see what Pastor Ryan would do next.  I’ve wanted to yell at TV shows before, but never have I wanted to yell out to people in a book before and I wanted to shake them, scream at them, tell them to open up their eyes and see what they were getting themselves into.

Thank you for sharing it with me!

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I was provided a copy of Heartache & Sin by  Charles Soto to review and I am so glad I did!

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