He Will Not Cut His Hair While Job Hunting

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Jordan hair

Remember the journey of Jordan’s hair?   It’s still growing.

Now he is job hunting.

He was working at a local grocery store called Hy-Vee.  If you are from Iowa or some other spots in the midwest, you have heard of it.  He worked in the dish room, loved his job, and did really well at it.

Then he tore the cartilage in his knee in soccer.  He had to have surgery last October and was put on medical leave a month before that while waiting to see the surgeon and then for the surgery.

When he was cleared to go back to work in December, he asked to be transferred to a different department.  Preferably one without extremely slippery wet floors.  He was scared he would fall again and reinjure his newly healed new.  Plus he was having trouble keeping up with school and working until 11 or 12 at night.  The Asian food department wanted him to transfer there, but the head of the kitchen department wasn’t willing to give him up.  (This was all discussed before he had surgery.)  After he was cleared to go back to work, he called, and he called, and he called some more.  He went in (I drove him, so I know he went) and talked to the store manager and to human resources, everyone he talked to promised the kitchen manager would call him back.  The store manager and human resources agreed that his education was more important than working until midnight every night.

He never has.

Jordan still gets employee mail here and there but he hasn’t been on a schedule in months.

It’s a bit frustrating from the store with a helpful smile in every aisle.

So, he is now hunting for a job.  He applied at our local Fareway and I’m pretty sure they won’t hire him because of his hair (and possibly for the memorial tattoo for his dad on the inside of his wrist).  I pulled it back in a braid but it’s still obvious that it is very long.  I didn’t think the man bun that he normally wears would fly there.  There’s really no hiding how long his hair is now.

I’ve googled so many places to see what the dress/appearance code is for men.  It sounds like most places that someone in school still can work will let men have long hair as long as it is pulled back.  We’ll see what comes of the 6 applications he has put in.  He did get a call back yesterday fifteen minutes after hitting submit on the application.  He is calling them today to schedule an interview.

I hope one of these days long hair on guys, tattoos, and some body piercings will not disqualify a person from so many jobs.  As long as your appearance is neat, that is all that should matter.   If there isn’t a rule about females having long hair, there really shouldn’t be a rule for men.  If we are fighting for equality across the board, it should be equal for men as well.   I’m grateful that the school district I work in accepts me with my tattoos and facial piercings as is.  They didn’t even mind my funky hair colors all last year, though I have gone back to a normal auburn color. 🙂

What do you think?  Should long hair and tattoos keep someone from being accepted for a job?\

Have a wonderful day!

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