Happy Mother’s Day!

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To all the moms (or moms-to-be) out there, happy mother’s day!  I hope it is wonderful! 

Mine has started out great.  First, I got to sleep in until 9:20.  That never ever happens.  I was the first one up after Pato. 

Jordan gave me a present already.  He won me the cutest little heart monster from Monster Factory.  Her name is Harriet.  She’s not afraid to show her emotions.  In fact, she wears hearts on her sleeve.  They don’t have a picture of her over at Monster Factory or else I’d show her now.  I’ll wait until later when I take pictures of Kat’s present too.  Pato said he’s still looking for the jewelry box that I want.  But he gave me the funniest card.  There’s a picture on the front of 2 little girls in a box.  You open it up and it says – I know it’s tempting to ship the kids to Grandma’s, but she knows where you live.  Trust me.  Happy Mother’s Day.  I rolled.  Literally rolled.  He’s not a mushy type guy.  He always gets me funny cards.  That’s ok because I know he loves me.

When we were shopping for a Mother’s Day and birthday present for my mom (her birthday is tomorrow) I threw a new pair of pajamas and a new travel mug in the cart.  Happy Mother’s Day to me.  :) 

I got my mom a —— can’t tell you, she reads my blog

Today Jordan has a soccer game at 1 then we are heading out to my mom’s to celebrate with her.  It’s kind of cold out here right now.  It’s 47 degrees out which is strange for Iowa in May.  (Not that you care, but I guess the cold weather is worrying the farmers, you know Iowa is a lot of farmland.)  The highest it’s supposed to get all week is 68 and that’s on next Saturday.  I hate taking the kids out to the soccer fields when it’s cold.  It always feels 10 degrees colder out there and someone always comes home sick.  Plus, instead of playing outside all day at grandma’s we spend the day inside chasing Christiano around.  Her house is close to childproofed when I leave. :)  Everything he touches gets put up higher.

Kat just gave me my present.  She got my a plant.  it’s a dieffenbachia.  Child is so smart.  She knows I hate cut flowers.  I know some women love getting a dozen red roses or a bouquet of wild flowers.  I hate it.  I think it’s a waste of money.  They die.  Doesn’t help that when we were first together, I always knew when Pato forgot a holiday because he’d walk in after work with a dozen roses for me.  I finally told him, I’d rather you run and get a CD that I can keep forever than a dozen roses that will die in a few days.  He thinks I’m a strange female. 

I’ll leave you with a cell phone picture of Nano. It’s a cruddy picture, but funny.


We went to Carlos O’Kellys last night for dinner because Pato has to work today.  Christiano loves their salsa.  Loves it!  He scoops it out by the handful.  Literally.  Grabs a handful of salsa and eats it.  He starts out dipping a chip in it and sucking it off the chip.  Then obviously that doesn’t give him enough so he just starts using his hands as spoons.  I need to invest in bibs for when we go there. :)

Oh one last thing, not a weight loss story or anything, but when I went to the doctor to have my toe checked, I was down 6 pounds from 6 weeks ago when I had my IUD checked.  Woohoo!  That makes me happy!

Have a great day!

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