Happy Mother’s Day

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I just wanted to wish all the mom’s out there a happy Mother’s Day!

At church today, instead of a normal service, the men made us brunch and served all of the moms. It was so neat. We have been blessed with a wonderful group of guys in our church including my dad and brother, who served me since my husband had to work.


My son, my niece, and the other teens took care of all of the children and did a great job of it.

I’ll admit it, I cried. As mom’s we lose ourselves in our kids and we really need to make time for ourselves both with God and just away from our kids in general.

Now I am just waiting for it to be time for Jordan’s soccer game, then off to my parents’ for a cook out.

I’ll leave you with Jordan’s art project/my mother’s day present.


Yes, that is a sun licking up to catch a falling booger. He was upset because he didn’t get to glaze it.

Really? That’s the part you were worried about?

Definitely a 13 year old boy.

Who says he’s got skillz.

I know you’re jealous cuz you didn’t get a booger licking sun.

I’m not sharing it cuz my son made it just for me!

Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!

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  • How sweet! You are so lucky to have a wonderful kid like him. Happy mother’s day!