Happy (Belated) Father’s Day!

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I know, I forgot to post on Sunday, and I posted something else on Monday that had nothing to do with Father’s Day so I’m saying it now. 🙂

You can tell me what all of your fabulous Father’s Day plans were now that they are over.  Did the gifts go over smashing?

I have to say, Katiana’s coupon book was my favorite and out of all the coupons – this one is the absolute best!

Because really, what parent wouldn’t LOVE that coupon?

We started off the day by going to church where they honored the dads.  Since Pato has to work on Sundays and never comes to church with us, the kids and I stood up with my dad.  They got to honor their grandpa and tell the whole church why they love their grandpa.  Alyce said because he loves me so so so much.

Let me back up a little bit first.

Jordan drove us to church.

There’s something about him driving that makes me feel old.

As we left the house he said, I’m rusty. (Cuz he has been driving since the end of February, he has so much experience in the first place.)

I said, could you please not say that before getting on highway 6 where the speed limit is 65?

We made it 50 feet to the stop sign at the end of our street and Alyce said so far so good!

My oh crap handle got a work out on the way.

He did great and got us to church in one piece.

Back to church.

Church was great.  Loved the sermon, as always. Pastor Jeff is awesome, our worship team is the best. It was a great time.

Then we came home and hung for a few before going out to my parents to grill out.

I let Jordan drive again and didn’t die when he drove down my parent’s gravel road from Hades.

Want to know what song came on my iPod as he turned onto their road?

Not joking.  As our tires hit the gravel Call On Jesus came through the speakers.  How appropriate huh?

Every single one us (4) kids (of my parents) has wrecked on that road.  My accident was the worst in the fact that my brother flew out my window, landed with his head an inch or so from where the tire landed, and was in a coma for awhile.  My brakes went out going around the curve and I slammed into the dirt wall between the area where the road forks.

My sister’s accident was the worst if you look at the fact she went over an 8 foot drop off.  Thankfully she was ok minus a lot of bumps and bruises and I believe a fracture in her foot and possibly pelvic area. 

It took a lot of faith to let Jordan drive that road.  It’s hard for me to drive it still 17-18 years after my accident.  He kept the speed at 25, which didn’t make getting up the hill easy. :)  I kept my panic attack to myself until I got out of the car at my mom’s house.  He did so good.  My anxiety was not a result of how he drove, just that he drove it.  My chest hurt, I was dizzy, had a bit of a breathing problem.

He really did do a wonderful job.

He pointed out to me that my reaction to his driving didn’t instill a lot of self confidence.

I was proud of him once my chest stopped aching.

My grandma on an iPhone
I don’t know why I thought that was awesome.

We (my siblings and I) got my dad a cherry tree for Father’s Day.  You see, my dad loves making homemade cherry pies and we love to eat them.  During the last set of storms, my dad’s cherry tree blew down and was destroyed. (I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry… I really didn’t, promise.)

Dad was sad.

We were sad cuz dad said no more cherry pies.

Something had to be done.

Jordan in the whole he dug for the tree

Katiana, of course, had to try out the hole next

Katiana told Alyce she had to get in the hole.
I’m not sure what Alyce thought about that.

Thank goodness no one dropped Nano down the hole, I never would have gotten him out.

All in all it was an awesome day of family, friends, food, and hole digging.

Except the part where I took 2 Benadryl cuz I was itching everywhere.  I didn’t think it would affect me, I take 2 at home for my allergies all the time.

Forgot mine is generic, mom’s was the real deal.

After about an hour and a half I couldn’t hardly keep my eyes open.  Barely got us home, and passed out in my bed at 5.

I didn’t wake up until 10:30 when Pato called home.


The kids got Taco Bell for supper.

I fell right back to sleep after he walked in the door and slept the entire night.

Now we know what works for my insomnia and it isn’t the generic stuff.

Have a wonderful day!

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