Gift Idea: Squinkies Bubble Packs

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squinkies1 squinkies2 squinkies3

Oh were the girls excited the other day when we got a box full of Squinkies Bubble Pack – Series Seven, Squinkies Bubble Pack – Series Eight, and Squinkies Bubble Pack – Series Nine in the mail the other day.  I had looked at them at the store the other day when I was looking for Alyce’s birthday presents.  I thought they’d make cute stocking stuffers for the girls.  They love any miniature little dolls, animals, anything tiny, they love.  I thought this would be right up their ally.

Each Surprize Inside Bubble Pack (SRP $9.99) includes 16 collectible “squooshy” Squinkies, including four hidden “surprise” Squinkies, to start or add to a collection.  Each lovable little squishy, squooshy and squashy Squinkie is individually packed in its own toy bubble!  These new Bubble Packs can be found at major retailers including Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and

I was right.  They’ve been playing with them nonstop since we got them.  My big concern was that they’d be left all over the floor.  They’ve done so good picking them up and putting them back in special bags that they each picked out for their squinkies, though I think I’d really like to get them each one of these:


Squinkies Palace Surprise

or one of the other accessories to put them in

Now from the girls –

From Katiana (age 6):

They are fun to play with dolls and act like they are the little animals for the dolls.  Sometimes me and Alyce play together and with the squinkies they are much better than dolls and you can fit more in one doll house.  I like them because they are fun, they are soft, I just like them a lot.  They are so fun and cute and little. I like them a lot because they are just really really really fun to play with a lot.  I wish I could have 100 squinkies to play with.  My blue bird and my purple and pink dog, and my blue dog are my favorites. AND my sea horses!

From Alyce (age 4):

They are fun.  We can play with them all day and not do anything else.  My favorite squinkie is the pink piggy.  And everytime I love squinkies they are cute.  Everytime I look at them.  They are really fun to play with every time I play with them.  They every animal in the world.

There you have it from the girls!  Squinkies are a hit over here!

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