Gift Idea: Clic-it Diaper Bag

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ClicIt-2 ClicIt-3

The Clic-It diaper bag would make the perfect gift for any mom with a little one, any mom to be, or any a mom of a toddler like me.  I hate cutesy diaper bags.  I love messenger bags, so first this style fits me to a T.  The idea behind is awesome!  Even with pockets, I tend to just throw everything into one pocket and it all gets jumbled together, leaving me to dig through the mess to find my keys, a pen, some lip gloss, etc.  The diapers are about the only things that are easy to find in my old diaper bag.

Clic-It is designed to make it easier for you to care for your baby on the go. Personalize the system to meet your daily needs – take only the accessories you need with you, and hang them in easy-access, convenient positions on your diaper bag.

The Clic-It quick release clip system gives you the flexibility to design the diaper bag that works for you.Learn more about Clic-It.

This is genius!  It has all these little parts that clic! on and off of it.  Since mine is almost 2, I use my extra bags for different uses than what they intended them to do, but it works out great.  I got the pacifier holder with mine, which actually holds my cell phone perfectly.

The diaper bag features –

The shoulder strap can come off and be used as a belt for when you don’t need the whole thing, you can clic a few different holders on to your belt and off you go.

You can also get:

to go with the Clic-It diaper bag.  Since Nano doesn’t take a bottle and never really has, I use the bottle holder as a make up case in the diaper bag.  I use the organizer pouch to hold my little wallet.  It’s a small one that just holds my atm cards and my driver’s license, plus I throw my dollar bills in there.  (Something I rarely carry any more.  I never have a dollar when I need cash.)

For me, I could stand for it to be a bit bigger.  Even though Nano is my toddler, I still keep toys and paper/notebooks, sometimes a change of clothes for the girls in my bag., a school folder for Jordan if he needs to do homework wherever we are going, etc for the girls in my bag.  It still works.  I just pack a little lighter than I used to, which is actually better for my back. 🙂

This is a bag that Pato doesn’t mind carrying either.  It’s not too girly looking for my big manly man to carry. He hates it when I use purse type bags when he has to take the kids somewhere. He’d rather taket he things out he needs and throw them into a grocery bag then carry a typical diaper bag.  He grabs this whenever they head out the door.  I always keep it packed so I don’t have to do it last minute.

All in all, excellent diaper bag with awesome features!  I would definitely recommend giving this to the new mom in your life!


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Thanks to Clic-It and Team Mom for sending me a Clic-It diaper bag and accessories to review!

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    That really is a nice bag. From what I read on your blog, we are alike. I never really liked cutesy diaper bags in pastels with animals on them. WT?? Who says motherhood has to be boring? No one! That’s why I always used diaper totes that could be used for a boy or girl (good thing too since I had 7 kids). Besides that, I purchased diaper bags that could later be used as laptop bags.

    Might as well get as much use out of them as possible!

  • This really are good and has nice design bags. For a bag on diaper it should be as comfortable as it is, easy to open, pick and carry. Thank you for sharing your nice bags.